Dell Technologies announces validated zero trust solution

May 24, 2023

  • With Project Fort Zero, Dell Technologies is working on an end-to-end solution for Zero Trust Security.
  • With it, Dell Technologies helps organisations protect against cyberattacks and recover data with a new service

Dell Technologies is introducing Project Fort Zero: an end-to-end zero trust security solution to protect global organisations’ data from cyberattacks. The solution is validated by the US Department of Defense and is part of Dell Technologies’ expanded security portfolio.

Project Fort Zero builds on Dell Technologies’ Zero Trust Center of Excellence and partner ecosystem and will accelerate the adoption of Zero Trust. Working with over 30 leading technology companies, Dell Technologies will deliver a validated, high maturity Zero Trust solution within the next twelve months.

The fully configured solution lowers the barrier to Zero Trust adoption. Dell Technologies handles the technology integration and orchestration that user organisations would normally have to do themselves across multiple vendors. This approach allows them to shorten the time it takes to deploy an advanced Zero Trust solution.

A dedicated assessment team will evaluate Project Fort Zero’s solution and certify its compliance with the US Department of Defense’s globally recognised Zero Trust Reference Architecture. The end-to-end solution will enable global public and private sector organisations to adaptively respond to cyber risks and provide them with the highest level of security.

Project Fort Zero is suitable for numerous deployment scenarios. These include centralised on-premises data centres or regional locations such as retail shops. It can also be deployed in locations with unstable connectivity, such as aircraft or vehicles.

“Zero Trust is designed for decentralised environments. However, integrating hundreds of products from dozens of vendors is very complex and therefore out of reach for most organisations,” said Herb Kelsey, Industry Chief Technology Officer Government at Dell Technologies. “We want to help global organisations meet today’s security needs by simplifying integration and accelerating Zero Trust adoption.

Dell Technologies expands its security services portfolio with PSX for Backup

In conjunction with Project Fort Zero, Dell Technologies is expanding its security portfolio with Product Success Accelerator (PSX) for Backup. The new service simplifies the implementation and maintenance of backup environments and enables data recovery. It follows the recently launched PSX for Cyber Recovery service, which simplifies the implementation and maintenance of backup environments.

Organisations can choose from three levels of backup or cyber recovery depending on their needs:

  • Ready includes planning workshops, configuration of a validated backup or vault environment, a success plan, runbook and training;
  • Optimize additionally includes quarterly assessments, improvement recommendations and assisted recovery test simulations;
  • Operate provides additional ongoing operational support. Highly trained experts monitor and investigate alarms, initiate corrective actions and assist with data recovery as directed by the client.

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