ESET: Managed detection and response services made in EU

October 24, 2022

The IT security manufacturer ESET is consistently pushing ahead with the expansion of its IT security service offering. With Managed Detection and Response (MDR) as a Service, ESET now offers enterprise customers and partners in this important and growing market segment an even more comprehensive service portfolio. With the help of ESET MDR, enterprise customers effectively gain direct access to ESET’s IT security experts, who effectively support the respective IT department in the rapid detection, analysis, investigation and initiation of measures in the event of cyber threats.
The offer is aimed in particular at organisations that have an internal IT department but do not have the necessary in-house resources in the area of IT security and detection and response. Under the name ESET Detection and Response, the European security manufacturer offers its service in three levels: “Essential”, “Advanced” and “Ultimate”. At it-sa 2022 in Nuremberg, companies can find out more about the benefits, technology and scope of ESET MDR services at the ESET stand in Hall 7, 530.

With comprehensive MDR services tailored to the needs of customers, ESET strengthens the protection mechanisms within corporate IT. Together with the endpoint detection and response tool “ESET Inspect”, the service pursues a holistic security approach that:

  • detects possible intrusion gates at an early stage and closes them reliably
  • ensures optimal adaptation to the needs of organisations
  • offers effective help in investigating incidents and a detailed analysis of potentially harmful files.

At the highest level, “Ultimate”, the focus is on two professional services that are classified by experts as the “Champions League” of IT security:

Threat Hunting (proactive)
ESET experts regularly investigate specific data, events and messages generated by ESET Inspect and identify their cause. The results are summarised in comprehensible status reports. In addition, companies receive recommendations for further action.

Threat monitoring
ESET specialists check the operation of ESET Inspect 24/7, define new rules and exclusions as required and create detailed status reports. In the event of anomalies and possible security incidents, companies are informed immediately and receive round-the-clock support for further action. In addition, ESET installs and configures its own products in the customer environment and offers training to ensure their successful operation. A thorough status analysis before deploying or upgrading a solution ensures that there are no nasty surprises for daily business.

Benefits of ESET MDR Services
Experience and expertise: Keeping up with the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape can be an immense challenge for organisations. With ESET’s experienced specialists, customers get the IT security expertise of more than 30 years.

Saves human resources
Deploying new, complex security solutions proves difficult time and time again, even for organisations with sufficient IT security staff. Furthermore, focusing an IT team on the implementation and go-live of new tools can lead to important core tasks being lost, putting business continuity at risk.

Reducing long-term costs
Building dedicated teams of IT specialists with the skills and qualifications needed to investigate, detect and respond to potential cybersecurity threats can be costly in the long run. In addition, security breaches such as Log4j or zero-days can be costly for businesses if they are not detected and isolated early.

Simple processes
ESET security solutions combined with services form a holistic protection approach that also simplifies processes within a company in terms of zero trust security.

Due to the complexity of the subject matter, endpoint detection and response solutions have so far only been used in larger organisations where the IT departments have the corresponding resources and know-how. This is changing dramatically: medium-sized companies are increasingly taking advantage of the possibility to use EDR in their security architecture. In doing so, they are resorting to an increasing number of service providers who offer their expertise as a service with so-called managed detection and response. The IT security manufacturer ESET is also entering the market with its own MDR services with immediate effect. The new IT security services will be sold via the DACH partner network.

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