Flexible and safe: WALLIX introduce SaaS Remote Access

June 26, 2023

  • WALLIX launches SaaS Remote Access, the SaaS version of the remote access management technology integrated into the unified solution WALLIX PAM4ALL. This SaaS version is included in the WALLIX PAM4OT package.
  • Organisations – in all sectors and especially in industry – often rely on external service providers to carry out their activities and need a connection to their (traditional or industrial) IT infrastructure to perform their tasks.
  • SaaS Remote Access is aimed at all organisations that want to give external service providers digital access to their IT infrastructure.

WALLIX, a European cybersecurity software provider and expert in access and identity solutions, is launching SaaS Remote Access, a SaaS version of the remote access management technology integrated in WALLIX PAM4ALL. SaaS Remote Access is designed for organisations across all industries, particularly manufacturing, that want to give external providers digital access to their IT infrastructure through simplified management, while benefiting from the highest levels of cybersecurity from a Gartner-recognised PAM market leader.
To conduct their business, companies often rely on external service providers to connect to their IT infrastructure (whether traditional or industrial). These can be remote service providers, supply chain suppliers, service providers, external consultants, etc.
The problem for companies is that these external stakeholders are numerous and can change constantly. Furthermore, the frequency and duration of their access varies according to the needs of the company and their requirements. For this reason, visualising, managing and securing this external access is a headache for IT teams. Indeed, it is critical for companies to manage access rights and know who can access what from where and why. Only then can any attempt at identity theft by a hacker, internal malice or negligence be detected, stopped and data protected. The fact is that the cost of a cyber attack increases by an average of $370,000 when a third party is involved.Furthermore, by implementing such a digital access traceability security solution, companies ensure that they are compliant and meet current cybersecurity standards.

Traditionally, IT teams try to manage external stakeholder access by using VPN technology, i.e., creating a secure “tunnel” between the external stakeholder’s device and the company’s IT infrastructure. However, in reality, VPN vulnerabilities regularly make headlines. On the other hand, implementing VPNs is a tedious and expensive process: each actor must be listed in Active Directory, the Microsoft software used by almost all organisations to manage permissions and control access to IT resources (data, servers, applications, software, etc.). This technology does not meet the legal requirements either.
The answer: SaaS Remote Access To optimise the management of access from external service providers, IT teams should turn to innovative solutions such as SaaS Remote Access.
WALLIX PAM4ALL is a unified permissions management solution. It combines all WALLIX technologies: multi-factor authentication (MFA), remote access management, session management, password management and least privilege management. The solution secures all access to the IT infrastructure and ensures data protection, cyber-attack detection and protection, and business continuity. It also ensures compliance with cyber security regulations.
SaaS Remote Access is WALLIX PAM4ALL’s “remote access management” technology, now available as a service. It was developed specifically for access management by external providers. This SaaS version is also available in WALLIX PAM4OT, a package offering specifically designed for industrial companies and operators of industrial facilities (e.g. hospitals with scanners, etc.).
The benefits of subscribing to this functionality in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode are:
Ease of deployment and use.
Thanks to SaaS mode, there is no need to install a new solution to replace VPNs; only an internet connection is required to access SaaS Remote Access. This allows for better accessibility, flexibility and cost reduction. In addition, thanks to the user-friendly interface, companies can quickly and easily register their external service providers and configure their access rights to authorised resources. This relieves the IT team of these tasks and allows them to focus on more value-added tasks.

End-to-end security
External actors’ digital identities and passwords are no longer integrated into the organisation’s Active Directory, but are managed and secured in SaaS Remote Access. This drastically reduces cyber risk, because the more digital identities there are in the Active Directory, the greater the likelihood that a hacker will steal them and then access all the resources of the person whose identity was stolen. This also allows the organisation to have IT hygiene that follows cybersecurity and traceability standards, enabling cybersecurity by design.
Full visibility of external remote access
With SaaS Remote Access, organisations regain control of external remote access. Organisations create access for their external providers in real-time for a set period of time and are automatically removed once the task is complete. External providers connect to the company’s IT infrastructure via the SaaS Remote Access web portal and every action they take is monitored, providing full visibility and transparency.
“With this remote access management for suppliers, we are addressing the security challenges of IT teams while promoting the digital transformation of businesses. We are also giving autonomy to business teams and putting the digital experience at the heart of our solution: speed in creating access, fluid interactions with suppliers and operational efficiency for all business and IT teams. Interacting with suppliers and maintaining a line of defence for digital access becomes extremely easy and cost-effective with our solution. The launch of this service to secure external access to IT and industrial infrastructures is just the first phase of our SaaS strategy,” explains Edwige Brossard, Product Director at WALLIX.

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