From the lab into practice: NTT supports KI Park e.V. in developing innovative solutions

May 24, 2023

The aim of the strategic partnership is to strengthen Germany as an AI location

NTT Ltd. Germany, a leading IT infrastructure and services company, and KI Park e.V., an open ecosystem of research institutions, start-ups, established companies, investors as well as social and political actors around artificial intelligence, have entered into a strategic partnership. The common goal is the promotion of concrete AI applications as well as the development of ethical framework conditions. NTT is an important IT technology partner of KI Park e.V. and will support the members with its expertise and high-performance infrastructure.

Since ChatGPT at the latest, artificial intelligence (AI) has been on everyone’s lips. But even though there are already some promising AI initiatives in Germany – as far as the transfer of research projects into competitive products is concerned, countries like the USA or China dominate the market. In order to strengthen Germany as a location for innovation, to drive the development of new solutions and to develop a common compass of values for the use of AI, science, business, politics and society need to join forces. The KI Park e.V. has set itself the goal of networking the most diverse stakeholders with each other and thus bringing innovative AI solutions to application.

NTT Germany and KI Park e.V. will work closely together in the future in areas such as quantum computing-driven AI, 5G- and 6G-based AI, reinforcement AI, the European language model Open GPT-X, AI for the environment and sustainability or new data-driven AI concepts and large-scale simulations based on synthetic data. Within the framework of the partnership, knowledge and technology transfer will be supported and the framework conditions for the implementation of concrete use cases will be improved. For KI Park e.V., the merger represents an important strategic partnership with a technology service provider from the IT environment.

“KI Park e.V. is preparing the way today for the technology of tomorrow. We bring together visionary minds and courageous creators in a unique ecosystem – in order to jointly move something that none of us can do alone,” explains Dr Florian Schütz, Managing Director of KI Park e.V. “With NTT, we now have a partner at our side who drives the topic of artificial intelligence with the same passion as we do and whose expertise brings our members a huge step forward. It is partnerships like this that will help us to ensure that Germany, or rather Europe, is at the forefront of AI by 2030.”

“We have to be bolder and faster if we want to survive in international competition. This only works if we join forces in the field of artificial intelligence. It is important for us to take an active role in driving innovation. Just standing on the sidelines was never an alternative. This is why NTT invests billions of USD in research and development every year,” adds Kai Grunwitz, CEO of NTT Ltd. Germany. “Together with KI Park Berlin, we will in future support German companies of all sizes and in all industries with their challenges using our expertise and infrastructure. It is equally important to us to strengthen Germany as a location in global competition by developing regulatory frameworks for the responsible use of artificial intelligence.”

Kai Grunwitz, CEO of NTT Ltd. Germany (Source: NTT)

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