Gatewatcher comes to the DACH region with its cyber threat detection solutions made in France

October 24, 2022

Gatewatcher, technology leader in cyber threat detection, announces the opening of an office and the launch of cyber detection services in the DACH region.
To expand its presence in these regions, the company has appointed Gerald Hahn as Country Manager for DACH, Central and Eastern Europe. Previously, Hahn was a board member of Softshell AG, a fast-growing specialist distributor for cyber security product providers, helping global cyber security companies establish and expand their presence in different regions.
“Entering the DACH market is an important milestone for Gatewatcher,” explains Hahn. “Germany is one of the largest but at the same time most difficult markets for cybersecurity software vendors. If a manufacturer manages to establish itself in the DACH region, it usually succeeds in all other countries as well. German companies, especially our many hidden champions and global market leaders, are confronted with increasingly sophisticated threats. It is therefore vital for the survival of these companies to also invest in solutions that detect attacks in their early stages, before damage occurs. Gatewatcher, with its solutions, is the right partner for this.”
Jacques de La Rivière, CEO of Gatewatcher, adds: “Already since 2015, it has been our goal to protect critical network infrastructures of companies and public institutions. With our presence in the DACH region and thanks to regional partnerships with leading cybersecurity system integrators, we aim to accelerate this momentum to meet the needs of local businesses looking for a flexible, innovative and open solution.”
Gatewatcher’s innovative Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution creates an immediate improvement in current security levels and a tailored response to the new detection needs of businesses thanks to a 360-degree view of cyber threats. They combine machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with various state-of-the-art methods to analyse network traffic and map all assets and users on the network. They are designed to be scalable, out-of-the-box and easy to integrate. Gatewatcher’s risk-based categorisation enables fast and efficient threat detection and remediation.


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