WALLIX and Kleverware: Technological alliance to strengthen cloud security

March 30, 2023

  • WALLIX and Kleverware, the European pioneer and specialist in access and digital identity governance, have formed a technological alliance to strengthen cloud infrastructure security.
  • By integrating their technologies, both companies offer a complete Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solution that maps, manages and secures all access – human and machine – to IT resources used by enterprise cloud services.
  • This alliance ensures protection of data hosted in the cloud, detection and defence against cyber-attacks, business continuity of cloud services and compliance with cybersecurity regulations.

WALLIX, a European cybersecurity software provider and expert in digital access and identity solutions, and Kleverware, the European pioneer and specialist in digital access and identity management, have signed a technological alliance to strengthen the security of cloud infrastructures. By integrating their technologies, the two companies offer a complete solution that maps, manages and secures all access – human or machine – to IT resources (data, software…) used by subscribed cloud services (applications, storage…). This ensures the protection of data hosted in the cloud, the detection and defence against cyber attacks, the business continuity of cloud services and the compliance with cyber security regulations.

Cloud services are on the rise….
With the pandemic, organisations around the world have seen an acceleration in their digital transformation. To ensure business continuity, organisations have turned to cloud services, among others, that enable remote working and collaboration (data storage and sharing; software accessible through a web application, etc.). After the pandemic, the use of cloud services is now widespread. In fact, cloud services offer many benefits besides facilitating remote working: Agility, flexibility, cost reduction and performance. Consequently, the market for cloud services is booming. According to analyst firm Gartner, this market is growing by more than 20% year-on-year and is estimated to be worth $600 billion by 2023.

… but increase the cyber risk for companies
This massive increase in the use of cloud services significantly increases cyber risk for businesses. By using one cloud provider – several as part of a multi-cloud policy – businesses are multiplying the locations where their often critical IT resources are located. And the fact that there are so many locations makes it essential to protect access by users of these cloud services (employees, suppliers, customers, partners, endpoints, connected objects, applications, etc.). Furthermore, in the implementation, operation and maintenance of these cloud services, there are a multitude of users – human or machine – who have access to the cloud provider’s IT infrastructures and thus to the company’s resources. This represents a multitude of accesses that must be managed to ensure that no user can access more resources than necessary. This drastically reduces the risk of malicious intent and prevents the spread of a cyber-attack in the event of identity theft.

The answer: a combination of skills
Without a proper solution, managing access rights becomes a real problem for businesses. This is why WALLIX, expert in PAM (Privileged Access Management), and Kleverware, expert in IAG (Identity & Access Governance), combine their competences to offer companies a CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) solution.

This solution continuously monitors the access rights of users who have access to cloud infrastructure resources. It makes it possible to know who is authorised to access what, from where and why. And most importantly, it ensures that users have the rights they should have according to their profile. In particular, the solution will:

  • Map resources in the cloud,
  • visualise the users of these resources and their access rights,
  • Identify sensitive users (privileged accounts) and secure their access,
  • record sessions of sensitive users to ensure traceability of their actions,
  • apply the principle of least privilege to all other users (minimum privileges required to perform their predefined tasks),
  • ensure that users are authorised to perform the task according to their profile and for a specified period of time,
  • raise an alarm and block access if identity theft or internal maliciousness is suspected.

WALLIX and Kleverware thus help organisations strengthen cybersecurity in the cloud based on robust governance of digital identities and access, while ensuring regulatory compliance (RGPD, NIS2…).

“With this strategic alliance, recognised experts in their respective fields are joining forces to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Our mission is to help them reduce cyber risks while improving their governance capabilities. Today, our complementary technologies will serve to create a more secure world that meets the demands of businesses while enabling them to better respond to standards and regulations,” explains Bertrand Augé, CEO of Kleverware.

“This strategic alliance is part of our ambition to build a responsible digital world that guarantees data protection and privacy. At a time when GAFAMs claim two-thirds of global revenue, it is time for interoperability. We, the European cybersecurity industry, have the power to make our technologies a cybersecurity standard for the whole world. We need to work together to create a powerful offering that applies to all digital providers. This way, businesses will no longer have to choose between performance and cybersecurity, but will evolve in a digital world secured by our technologies,” says Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and founder of WALLIX.

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