Minimis launches special data goggles for athletes

August 12, 2023

Data gadget protects against sunlight, is a navigation device and measures vital functions

Minimis Technology ( has developed a pair of data glasses specially designed for athletes, hikers and others who exercise in the fresh air. First of all, they are sunglasses whose tint adjusts to the light conditions. The lenses are coated so they don’t fog up, which often happens during intense exercise. They also do not allow UV rays to pass through, which can damage the eyes. The glasses allow full visibility of what is in front of the wearer. The risk of running into a car or colliding with another jogger is reduced.

Training data in real time

What makes the device a data goggle is a narrow high-resolution OLED display in the upper part of the field of vision. It provides a wealth of information. A sensor in one of the two arms that house the batteries detects the pulse so that the athlete can switch into overdrive if the heart beats too wildly. There is also a built-in navigation device that shows the course to follow in real time.

The display also shows the training data in real time. Since the goggles have WLAN and Bluetooth functions, the athlete can use the internet while on the move. The goggles also have a SIM card for mobile phone use. The operating system is Android. The 1,300-milliampere-hour batteries offer a runtime of seven hours of continuous use. The glasses weigh only 90 grams.

Early orderers pay less

“This is the beginning of a new era for sports wearables. One day we will look back at fitness watches and cycling computers the way we look back at floppy disks and pagers today. How the hell could we be happy with that?” says Minimis founder Joseph Guo. The glasses can be charged via USB-C cable, but will also come with a portable charger if the device is ordered by 29 August for 699 Australian dollars (416 euros). The regular price is said to be 650 euros.

Photo: New fitness data glasses from Minimis provide information in real time (Image:

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