Revamping the most versatile speed gates on the market

August 14, 2023

EasyGate SPT and SPD bring new security features and multiple design options

Security solutions don’t have to be ordinary, let alone unattractive. Having renewed their best-selling speed gates, Cominfo has once again demostrated their Art of Security philosophy in practice — and confirmed their position as one of the industry-leading manufacturers of premium speed gates and turnstiles. Their EasyGate product line is now even sleeker and more chic, with improved security features for even stronger protection against unauthorised access.

EasyGate SPT and SPD have long been the staples of Cominfo’s portfolio. One would say they would be considered untouchable because they’re so popular. Don’t change what works, they say. “I couldn’t disagree more! Constant innovation and improvement is key if you want to stay relevant,” says Jarmil Vlček, the CEO of Cominfo.

To make their CEO’s words come true, Cominfo presented new versions of their EasyGates earlier in 2023. The SPT and SPD EasyGate models now set the standards even higher, both design- and security-wise. Frameless integration of card collector and lane light navigation makes the design of the speed gates sleek and elegant, with no visual disturbance whatsoever. Hidden lock covers and narrower profile of Passage Light and S-beam sensor covers further enhance the chic appearance of the design-conscious speed gates.

Lowered edge of the glass wing contributes to stronger security and prevents unauthorised access. Customers can opt for flag-shaped glass wings for their speed gates, to further enhance security and access control.

To satisfy the demand for entrance solutions in places where space is limited, we’ve developed a shorter version of EasyGates — the EasyGate SPTs and EasyGate SPDs. These are our mostcost-effective speed gates, perfect for areas where you can’t afford to waste even an inch of the space,” adds Jarmil Vlček.

With regard to the Art of Security philosophy, Cominfo excels at making their speed gates blend with surroundings seamlessly, often taking the visual experience to another level. Design of their speed gates is modular — clients can choose the front shape of the cabinet, material of the side panels, various surface finishes, and many other features. Cominfo is able to truly customise their EasyGates; even cladding them in marble, for the sake of matching them perfectly with the interior.

Our customers are thrilled to hear that almost any feature of our speed gates can be customised. The lights navigating the user through the speed gate can be made in various colours — distinctive enough to be noticed but pleasing to the eye at the same time. We can even match the various sounds of our audio signalisation of the speed gates to other sounds present in the building, in order not to create an unpleasant cacophony of sounds in a bustling lobby,‘‘ explains Jarmil Vlček. 2

As appearance- and design-conscious as Cominfo is, their speed gates are primarily controlled access solutions — reliable and well-secured. All EasyGate models are equipped with technology preventing unauthorised access, be it tailgating, cross-over, jump-over, and climb-under attempts. Robust construction, high-quality components and industry-leading Magnetic Direct Drive motor guarantees exceptional longevity and little to no maintenance. The motor itself withstands 25 million cycles before failure.

Not only can Cominfo integrate any access control technology into their speed gates, they do so without disturbing the elegant sleek design. Frameless, flush-mount, seamless — those aren’t just buzzwords but actual outcomes when it comes to technology integration at Cominfo. Anything goes — be it checking in with a wave of a hand, or an elevator coming automatically to take you to your floor once you pass the speed gate.

EasyGate SPT and SPD are hi-tec access solutions that never compromise user experience. Their throughput capacity allows comfortable passage of 60 people per minute. EasyGates won’t let you down in high-traffic areas, such as busy airports, train stations, public buildings, large office spaces, and cultural venues.

Sustainability is another trendy expression and more than just a buzzword for Cominfo. “We care about the line of business we’re in. We manufacture our speed gates in Czechia, the heart of Europe, as we like to call it. Our materials come from local sources and 99% of them are recyclable. Moreover, our speed gates boast with the lowest electricity consumption when in standby mode,” adds Vlček.

From London to Prague, over Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. Access to architectural landmarks in these towns is guided by Cominfo speed gates. High-quality, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible design are values that construction companies, architects, and engineers want to see fulfilled. Cominfo does just that.

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