Ceiling-mounted air purifiers in the De Nassau Comprehensive School

February 21, 2023

Ceiling-mounted air purifiers are less prone to damage and do not take up space

A school with a lot of movement

At De Nassau comprehensive school in Breda, mutual respect and consideration are central. “We think in terms of possibilities and results, and personal development is very important. This is fostered by high-quality teaching, careful supervision of pupils and social engagement,” it says on the homepage. De Nassau is a large school with two campuses, three departments, about 1 800 students and 200 staff. On a school day there is a lot of movement. Pupils change classrooms, teachers work in different rooms and, in addition, the media lab and learning areas located throughout the school are actively used.

Hans Teunissen has been with De Nassau for over 15 years. He started out as a teacher and is now a highly motivated administrator and conrector who wants the best for all students and staff. Hans Teunissen explains: “A lot happens during a school day. Among other things, because of the many movements that take place every day, we find it very important that the air in every room is healthy and fresh. We mainly use natural ventilation, but needed a supplement.”

The solution: ceiling air purifiers

Teunissen continues, “We learned that a study had been conducted to improve air quality in schools. This study was initiated by Prof. Dr. Bert Blocken of the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Catholic University of Leuven. We applied for it and came into contact with Euromate, one of the main partners of the study. After several discussions, we decided to equip our school with Euromate’s certified air purifiers to further improve air quality.”

Ceiling air purifiers were chosen – they take up no space, work efficiently and are not prone to accidental or deliberate damage.

Good agreements during installation

“We now have a good combination of natural ventilation and Euromate’s air purifiers,” says Hans Teunissen. “The result: good air quality in all rooms. Our choice fell on the units in the Vision Air BlueLine line. They are beautiful, simple devices, ceiling air purifiers that can be easily attached to the ceiling. They don’t stand out too much and blend in well with the appearance of the rooms”.

He summarises: “The experience is very good and the cooperation with Euromate is very pleasant. For example, we were able to make good arrangements for the installation of the equipment. The installation took place outside school hours on weekends and holidays. So there was no inconvenience. And the most important thing is that we now have a fresh and healthy working and learning environment, which we are of course very happy about!

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