Hanwha Vision and a2 Technology: partnership for safe and smart cities

August 11, 2023

As one of the market leaders in security technology, Hanwha Vision partners with innovative vendors to continuously develop smart video solutions. One of these innovative partners is a2 Technology. The Turkish company focuses on smart city solutions to create safe and thriving living, working and leisure spaces for citizens.

Below, Murat Mutlu, Management Partner at a2 Technology, gives an insight into the collaboration between Hanwha Vision and a2 Technology.

What can you tell us about a2 Technology and the vision behind the company?

a2 Technology is a dynamic and innovative technology company focused on developing advanced solutions in video analytics and intelligent transportation systems. Our mission is to protect communities and improve mobility through AI and advanced video analytics.

Solutions from a2 Technology are deployed in more than 100 cities worldwide. Our best-known solution, a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection, is installed in 54 tunnels and on more than 300 kilometres of high-speed rail.

What is your role at a2 Technology?

As a management partner, I focus on management, business development, corporate relations, sales and marketing. Our co-founder Özcan Gulderen is in charge of Research & Development and Technical Processes. Together we have built a2 Technology.

Our technology can help reduce traffic accidents, increase safety and generally improve the quality of life in cities. This knowledge of the importance of our work motivates me and the entire team at a2 Technology to constantly innovate.

Tell us more about the collaboration with Hanwha Vision, what have they been able to achieve together?

The collaboration with Hanwha Vision has been a fantastic journey that started in 2020. The Covid 19 pandemic had just started and we all probably remember how much this period was characterised by global uncertainty – but also opportunities for innovation. One example of this is our intelligent video analytics solution, which was able to detect missing facial masking to warn unprotected people.

Hanwha Vision is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions and was thus the logical choice for us when we wanted to expand the market for our face mask detection. In combination with Hanwha Vision’s cameras, we were able to offer a highly effective product bundle. But the technical advantages were not the only decisive factor. The Hanwha Vision team was highly committed to our collaboration and harmonised perfectly with a2 Technology’s dynamic and responsive approach.

During the pandemic, we deployed our solution in Europe and North and South America. It was a remarkably successful project and a testament to our collective capabilities. Now we are proud to be one of Hanwha Vision’s partners for Automatic Incident Detection. Together we are working to expand our solution offering across Europe.

Our partnership proves that innovative and responsibly used technology can help address real challenges and make the future safer.

How has the demand for video solutions changed?

We are seeing a huge shift in the perception of video in organisations, from just surveillance to a source of invaluable insight into business operations.

Due to the growing importance of AI and machine learning, there is an increasing need for intelligent video analytics that provide more detailed insights. This can then be used to optimise operations and increase public safety. The success of a2 Technology’s facial mask recognition is a good example of this. There is also growing interest in intelligent video analytics among traffic management officials and law enforcement agencies. Decision makers want to invest in solutions that provide proactive alerts and real-time insights to go beyond simple video recording.

Working with Hanwha Vision, we’ve had a front-row seat to see how demand has increasingly shifted towards intelligent and proactive video analytics.

How can installation providers prepare for the future with their technology?

Every security installation provider needs to understand AI and video analytics to future-proof their business. In the future, solutions will go beyond traditional surveillance and provide immediate actionable insights. Incident responses, alerts and overall incident detection will be greatly accelerated. More and more customers are demanding a proactive approach, so it is important that providers can deliver intelligent systems that can predict and prevent incidents.

Improved and more detailed insights through AI and machine learning will also lead to installation providers diversifying their customer base and opening up new revenue streams. In particular, opportunities arise from working with highly flexible and modular technology vendors, as such a partnership can convince customers with solutions that can be customised and expanded as needed.

Continuous learning is essential in the AI era. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so it’s important to stay up to date with the very latest advances and trends. This is something that a2 Technology is committed to. We help installation providers and end users understand new innovations by sharing expert knowledge and providing comprehensive training.

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