Airbag pants protect legs of two-wheeled riders

February 16, 2023

CX Air Dynamics innovation inflates in less than 200 milliseconds when first used

Motorbike, scooter and e-scooter riders will now be able to protect their legs and hips from injuries caused by accidents. CX Air Dynamics (, manufacturer of protective clothing for two-wheelers, now sells trousers equipped with an airbag. They are water-repellent and breathable, like normal trousers of this kind. But inside is a kind of balloon that is inflated by a compressed air cartridge within less than 200 milliseconds when the rider is thrown from his two-wheeler, for example after a collision.

Legs and hips at high risk

According to the company, many injuries can be prevented with this innovation. After all, 63 percent of all injuries to two-wheelers affect the lower extremities. Unlike airbags in cars, which have to be replaced after an accident, the impact cushions in trousers are ready for use again when they are fitted with a new cartridge.

The new trousers are fitted with flexible, impact-absorbing protection made of Poron XRD on the knees and hips. This is a foam based on the plastic polyurethane. The airbag extends from the hips to the ankles. At knee level it is interrupted so that the joint can move. The trousers cost 602 euros in the manufacturer’s online shop.

Sweden with its own development

The Swedish company Mo’Cycle ( wants to compete with the French. Its airbag trousers, which look like jeans, will soon be on the market. The inflatable protection mechanism only reaches up to the knee. This is protected by a pad, as is the shin. However, the company is still looking for backers.

It wants to collect the funds needed to start production in a crowdfunding campaign. The trousers can already be ordered now at the early bird price of around 415 euros with a deposit of five dollars (4.67 euros). Waistcoats with integrated airbags have been in use for motorbike racers for many years. They are also offered for private users. With the trousers, however, there were design problems that have only now been solved.


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