Bulletproof vests protect even better

June 9, 2023

US chemical giant DuPont introduces “EXO”, a new Kevlar fibre that is said to be even more durable

The US chemical company DuPont (https://www.dupont.com) has developed “EXO”, a new aramid fibre for garments, which, according to the company, surpasses the Kevlar fibre launched 50 years ago in all its properties. The new high-tech fibre was used at the “Best Ranger Competition 2023 (https://www.bestrangercompetition.com)”, which ended a few days ago at the Fort Benning military base. 64 participants wore waistcoats made of a new material.
Bulletproof, fireproof and flexible

Among other things, Kevlar is used to produce protective clothing that is bulletproof, fireproof and flexible. Whether police officers, soldiers, private security services, law enforcement officers or emergency responders: they all wear such waistcoats when they have to put themselves in danger. EXO absorbs the energy, such as that introduced by a pistol bullet, better than the original material, they say. At the same time, exo-vests fit perfectly to the body because they are much more flexible. This ensures more mobility for the wearer and greater comfort, according to DuPont.

The fibre only melts at a temperature of more than 500 degrees Celsius and does not catch fire. Moreover, it does not age. DuPont promises that it will provide as much protection after five years of use as it did on day one. “We’ve spent over a decade developing, refining and perfecting Kevlar EXO,” says Steven LaGanke, Global Business Leader at DuPont Life Protection, adding, “The result is an industry-changing platform that has catapulted protection to a whole new level.”

Kevlar also protects against meteorites

In addition to protective clothing, Kevlar is used to protect the International Space Station from micrometeorites, reinforce boat hulls, made into sails and used as a substitute for asbestos and to cover tennis rackets. Worldwide, 55 million tonnes of this fibre are produced under various names. With EXO, DuPont again has a unique selling point, according to its own assessment. Technically, Kevlar and EXO are aramid fibres, a synthetic polymer consisting of aromatic rings of six carbon atoms arranged along the fibre axis. DuPont has now modified this order and thus improved all the properties of the material.

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