Security Essen – Stand 7A20: Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguishing Unit (AMFE)

September 18, 2022

The AMFE (“Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguishing Unit”) is a self-sufficient, thermally triggered fire extinguishing system. It consists of an extinguishing agent cylinder with a release head and a thermosensitive glass ampoule, as also found in sprinkler systems. When a defined activation temperature is exceeded, the ampoule automatically bursts, activating a spring mechanism that opens the cylinder containing the extinguishing liquid (NOVEC).

The extinguishing liquid is released and reliably extinguishes the fire in its formation phase, from the inside out, so to speak. Often, the damage is not limited to the device, but even to individual components, because the non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-conductive liquid leaves no residue in the electronics. Costly interruptions to operation can thus be avoided.

There are three product variants: AMFE, S-AMFE and R-AMFE. The standard version of the AMFE can be retrofitted particularly easily in existing systems and provides protection immediately – without any complex wiring or triggering mechanisms. The activation temperature of the ampoule can be freely selected within a wide range.


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