Anti-intrusion and video-verification for monitoring station security as a service
  • Acoba offers video verification and video intrusion detection tools for monitoring stations that can be used with a single camera, or a camera combined with an existing alarm system.
  • Video verification and intrusion detection with a simple camera
  • ACOBA cameras can detect real intrusions in the house or business, thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by acoba.
  • Acoba Maverick connected to thermal cameras can detect intrusions outdoor.

The user can activate or deactivate the built-in alarm system from their smartphone or programm automatic schedules

If an intrusion is detected, the remote monitoring system receives an alarm signal.

The monitoring station operator has a tool that allows him to deal with the alarm quickly and efficiently:

  • view the alarm video clip a few seconds before the intrusion,
  • see the photo taken at the time of the intrusion
  • see the live video
  • Make a two-way audio conversation through the camera’s microphone and speaker.
  • move the camera to see other angles of the room
  • trigger a siren or a pre-recorded sentence to scare the intruder away
  • all monitoring operator’s actions are saved to be used as proof later.

Camera combined with an existing alarm system
Why add support for video surveillance and video verification in your installations that already contain an alarm panel?

If an alarm is triggered,remote cameras allows the monitoring station to check if there is a real intrusion in the house or office and can call the police directly. Saving time is clearly improved thanks to video verification.

IIt is possible to pair the existing alarm system with the Viseon camera, Acoba cameras, or the Maverick gateway.

Synchronization with the alarm system:
When the user arm his alarm panel, the viseon camera will turn off its privacy mode, an will be armed automatically.
When the user returns home and turns off the alarm, the Viseon camera lens will be automatically hidden, and the camera will be disarmed, this is what we call the privacy mode.

For several years, acoba systems for monitoring stations have been used by thousands of users connected to central monitoring station and has already prevented intrusions.

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