Busch-free@home® now interoperable with Matter

September 8, 2023

Busch-Jaeger enables its customers to integrate Busch-free@home® products into other systems via the Matter transmission protocol, as well as to integrate Matter-enabled devices into the in-house Smarter Home systems, creating a flexible and future-oriented infrastructure for connected living.

Busch-Jaeger is starting the next step for more connectivity in the Smarter Home with the integration of Matter in Busch-free@home®. Matter is a cross-manufacturer standard and ensures that smart home devices from different manufacturers communicate with each other. The extension of the existing functions of Busch-free@home® allows customers to integrate Matter-certified products and to integrate Smarter Home products from Busch-Jaeger into other systems as well.

Busch-Jaeger is part of the ABB Group, just like Matter pioneer Eve Systems since June. The new collaboration accelerated the integration of Matter into Busch-free@home® to meet increased market demands. Because the demand for smart home technologies is growing. A recent study by Statista shows that the number of smart home users in the European market will double in the next four years. The system update for Busch-free@home® will be presented at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin at the Eve booth (Hall 22, Booth 104).

Busch-Jaeger pursues the vision of making homes and buildings comfortable, safe and sustainable. Customized and expandable solutions support customers in making buildings more energy-efficient in new construction, renovation and modernization. Busch-free@home® already offers a range of options for retrofitting, for example through Busch-free@home® Wireless and Busch-flexTronics® Wireless. The additional integration of the new universal standard Matter expands the design options for installers and customers to make home and life easier and future-proof.

”As a technology leader in the smart home market, Busch-Jaeger believes it has a responsibility to continue driving new technologies forward. Only a universal standard supported by all major platforms enables future-proof and open connectivity of previously separate worlds. We want to offer our customers customized solutions for more security, intelligence and sustainability in their own homes,” says Adalbert M. Neumann, Managing Director of Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH.

Busch-free@home® is one of the first professional smart home systems to offer interoperability with the Matter protocol, and can be controlled with Alexa, Siri, Google and Samsung, as well as any Matter-enabled app. Devices from Eve’s product portfolio can now also be easily networked with Busch-free@home® thanks to Matter and the Thread wireless standard, which is a key pillar of Matter. By connecting innovative technology, customers can now increase comfort, security and energy efficiency in their own homes. Interoperability further strengthens the acceptance of smart home technologies.

The free software update for the Matter extension can be applied to all System Access Points 2.0 (available since 2018), the core for commissioning Busch-free@home®. The update will be available in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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