ASSA ABLOY: 10 reasons why an automatic door is open

February 20, 2023

Automatic doors are a convenient and efficient way to control entrances. They provide quick access and free users from the need to open or close a door manually. Still, there may be times when an automatic door is open when it should be closed. In this blog article, we have summarized ten possible reasons why this might be the case.

  1. technical defect: Like any mechanical device, an automatic door may not function properly due to wear and tear or mechanical failure. This can result in the door not closing completely or opening and remaining open after the malfunction has been detected on its own.
  2. power failure: automatic doors require power to open and close. If a power failure occurs, the door may remain stuck in its current position or open via an emergency battery and remain open for safety reasons.
  3. tripped sensors or (formerly) photoelectric sensors: automatic doors work with sensors that detect movement and open or close the door accordingly. If these sensors are triggered or dirty, they can cause malfunctions that cause the door to stay open.
  4. interference from other devices or environment: electronic devices or parallel cable lines, incorrectly connected access controls can interfere with the sensors of automatic doors or trigger a continuous open pulse and cause the door to stay open.
  5. Incorrectly configured settings: Automatic doors have various settings, such as the amount of time it takes to open or close the door. If these settings are misconfigured, it can cause the door to stay open.
  6. low batteries: Automatic doors powered by backup batteries may remain open if the batteries are already too weak or need to be replaced.
  7. interference from environmental factors: an environment with strong wind, heavy rain or snow can cause an automatic door not to close completely and remain open. Unfavorable sunlight can also cause interference with the sensors.
  8. Manual intervention: If users manually attempt to open or close the door, it may remain in the wrong position and stay open. If the program switch is manually set to “continuously open”, the door will also remain open. This is often done by operators.
  9. outdated technology: if the automatic door is outdated, it may be more susceptible to malfunction and cause it to remain open during malfunctions.
  10. incorrect installation: poor installation can cause the automatic door to malfunction and remain open. Also, subsequent reflections due to environmental changes after installation (e.g. carpet in the vestibule) can cause malfunctions thus leading to open doors….
    Although automatic doors are a convenient and efficient way to control entry, they can remain open due to a number of factors. Thorough maintenance and regular inspection of the door can help ensure that it always functions properly. If you encounter problems, call in an expert to find a quick solution.

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