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March 17, 2024

Smart by Day expands video surveillance on construction sites with a 360° construction site view during the day

Föhren, March 2024: The more construction sites, the more important the overview – and the more difficult. What’s more, construction sites are often far apart. This requires time and effort from those responsible for recording the situation. With the Smart by Day function, security company LivEye makes work easier for site managers, operators and architects: while LivEye camera towers monitor areas to be protected at night, they provide a virtual 360° view of the construction site from any location during the day. Almost in real time and in compliance with the GDPR, those responsible can monitor and document the progress of their project.

Digital helper for construction site management

Until now, the intelligent LivEye solutions stopped monitoring outside the specified night-time hours. Smart by Day expands the capacity of the cameras, allowing them to provide insight during the day as well, and to support efficient building information modelling (BIM). This innovation is the first time LivEye has combined AI-supported security solutions with a BIM module on the market.

All-round clarity

When users switch to “smart mode”, they get a panoramic view of the construction site – they almost feel as if they are standing on site. Optionally, drone images show them a bird’s eye view of the site. An algorithm makes people and vehicles unrecognisable in compliance with the GDPR. If you like, you can integrate a site plan into the platform for easy handling. Questions arise? Simply call up archive images! Images usually provide clear answers. For marketing purposes, project management and legally compliant documentation, images from individually selectable time periods can be converted into time-lapse films.

Smart logistics recording

Who drives in, who drives out? Smart by Day intelligently records incoming and outgoing lorries, analyses their movements and visualises them. This tells site managers how many and which lorries were on the road, when, for how long and in what load condition. In building construction, they use this knowledge to optimise delivery times. On infrastructure construction sites, the data allows conclusions to be drawn about the performance of mass movements or helps to improve the cycle time.

Teamwork without the need to be present

Also functions as a collaboration tool: Teams of architects, engineers, site managers and other specialists communicate and coordinate with each other via the module from any location. This allows them to make decisions quickly and easily on the basis of sound data. This reduces risks and sources of error; potential savings and the cost-benefit factor increase.

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