Customer report: SCC 5.0 with access control in Bettembourg

May 2, 2023

Our customer, the Ste Elisabeth nursing home in Bettembourg, has been in possession of SCC 5.0 software including 130 LF location points, more than 100 resident transponders and 115 secured doors through our access control for just under 2 years. The installation company was our colleagues from Telkea in Luxembourg.

We asked the director of the facility, Mr. Gindt, what the motives were for using the system and what the experience has been so far:

The aim was to ensure that all entrance and exit doors are locked from the outside and thus to prevent

unauthorised access outside the opening hours of the facility is impossible. However, staff and residents should be allowed to enter the facility with their transponders at any time. This measure was intended to make the facility safer, especially with regard to theft, and to reduce staff time. The added value for staff and residents is that residents can enter the outdoor area, such as the terrace, at any time and then return to the building independently. Previously, it had been necessary for staff to open the doors manually. Especially during the corona pandemic, the constant opening of doors by staff became time-consuming. Now, however, with the SCC 5.0 access control, time is saved and interruptions to work have been reduced. Residents also feel a greater sense of independence.

Mr. Gindt mentions the alarms for the transponders and doors, including the map display, as another advantage that has arisen through the use of SCC 5.0: the living area managers now have a better possibility to monitor all relevant processes and, through the display type, they see the system as a quality improvement for the nurse call system.

After the initial introduction of the Schutzengel systems, the Ste Elisabeth facility management decided to expand: The annex building – the day centre of the facility – is now also embedded in the SCC 5.0. Here, the system does not yet work with a map display, but exclusively with text messages. However, the advantage of the map display outweighs the disadvantages, so that after the facility has adapted its PC hardware accordingly, SCC 5.0 including map display can also be used here in the future.

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