DEMOS Wohnbau installs CY110 system in Munich residential complex

February 23, 2023

A new Munich housing development chooses a master key system which optimizes security organization

For more than five decades, developer DEMOS Wohnbau has been a leading provider of new residential properties in Munich. Contemporary architecture and upmarket fittings are the hallmarks of every DEMOS project, whether an owner-occupied apartment, a terraced or semi-detached house, or a detached single-family home.

Their new PRISMA PASING residential project with 255 apartments is located close to Nymphenburg Palace Park in Munich, Germany. It offers proximity to both the city and natural surroundings, as well as different types of living space in compact units, spacious family homes, and exclusive maisonette rooftop apartments.

DEMOS had a number of essential criteria when choosing locks to equip this complex. Importantly, doors should be secured with mechanical cylinders within a structured, hierarchically organized system. The master key system should regulate all access authorizations with locking hierarchies according to individual requirements, down to the level of the individual keyholder.

A CY110 system combines durability with ease of use

DEMOS opted for an ASSA ABLOY CY110 (IKON RW6) mechanical locking system to equip entrance and apartment doors. This dimple key platform is a convenient solution for either small or large master key systems – combining security, reliability and simple operation within a single mechanical locking system of around 1,000 cylinders and 2,000 keys.

The ASSA ABLOY product design places a premium on durability: Sturdy CY110 cylinders are locked and unlocked using convenient reversible keys made of solid nickel silver to withstand metal fatigue. The Euro cylinders with 6-pin technology have an extended lifetime of at least 500,000 lock/unlock cycles. 

With a choice of double, single and thumbturn cylinders, a CY110 system can accommodate every door function in a building. The system is certified in accordance with all relevant standards. Cylinders outperform basic EN 1303 standards, offering high performance at an affordable price. Indeed, the system achieves close to the maximum rating for cylinder-type locking.

For the ultimate in convenience, keyholders only need to carry one key to unlock their entrance and apartment doors. In PRISMA’s master key system, access authorizations are structured hierarchically according to clear specifications.

These premium-quality locking cylinders also offer a high level of burglary protection with respect to manual opening techniques, like picking, bumping and pulling. Patent protection through 2036 makes it illegal to copy any key at the premises without authorization.

“CY110 is a genuine, trusted ‘fit and forget’ locking solution, where convenience, flexibility and durability come together” explains Christoph Kraberg, Business Development Manager Multi-Residential at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. “The system helps managers create a master key hierarchy which efficiently organizes building security.”

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