Hanwha Vision launches RoadWatch, an edge-based ANPR solution ideal for urban traffic

September 14, 2023

Hanwha Vision Europe, the global vision solutions provider, has launched RoadWatch, an edge-based ANPR solution ideal for urban traffic. RoadWatch is pre-installed on six specially selected X-Series cameras for quick and easy deployment with the licence already activated. Roadwatch is also available as a separate application compatible with a wider range of X-Series cameras. The new solution was developed in collaboration with FF Group and is a further extension of Hanwha Vision’s edge-based ANPR solutions.

Ideal for urban environments

RoadWatch is ideal for urban traffic monitoring, covering a lane at speeds up to 90 km/h and 30 m IR. RoadWatch’s directional detection is configurable and comes with two detection zones that can be configured to cover most areas within a scene due to their square shape. Installation is made easy with the intuitive ANPR setup wizard.

The advantages of edge-based ANPR

Due to its edge-based analytics, RoadWatch requires less bandwidth compared to server-based AI, which can have an impact on energy efficiency, cost savings and sustainability. Operating costs are also reduced as there is no need to maintain a large server room. As the analysis takes place locally on a device, only the metadata is transmitted back to a server, which increases cyber security as no sensitive data can be intercepted.

Improved operator awareness and insights

RoadWatch displays events and important information at a glance in the list view for quick situational awareness. The solution has list management to trigger specific responses for vehicles on each list. For example, a barrier can be opened to allow entry only for vehicles on the ‘white list’. The setup for this is simple, with an option to bulk upload number plate data. Operators can use smart search to find specific number plates, including full or partial number plates, from different countries and within a specific time perio

Further insights can be gained through the application’s statistics function, which can provide operators with information on the busiest times of day or days of the week. Integration with WAVE VMS is seamless, providing further analytics and allowing the solution to work with other systems such as perimeter protection and access control. Rules can be set based on identified number plates so that, for example, building lighting and heating is switched on when a vehicle enters the premises.

An application from Hanwha Vision and FF Group

RoadWatch is one of several applications made possible through a partnership between Hanwha Vision and FF Group. Explaining more about the benefits of this partnership, Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing at Hanwha Vision Europe, says: “Hanwha Vision works with innovative vendors to expand our intelligent video solutions, and FF Group is a prime example. With specialised applications in traffic monitoring and management, the partnership with FF Group has resulted in several state-of-the-art ANPR applications such as Road AI for type, make, model and colour recognition.”

Oleksandr Osypov, CEO of FF Group, said, “The partnership with Hanwha Vision has proven fruitful, with a powerful combined offering that benefits from Hanwha Vision’s specialised and high-quality cameras and FF Group’s applications. This allows us to better meet the needs of different organisations while increasing the penetration and use of ANPR on roads and in car parks.”

Hanwha Vision and FF Group’s next application, scheduled for later this year, will be ParkWatch, an edge-based ANPR solution for the Q-Series cameras that focuses on stop-and-go installations such as car parks.

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