Programmable key access control at manufacturing sites

October 3, 2023

A manufacturing facility is a tough testing ground for any access control solution. By their nature, premises usually require multiple different types of lock, including a range of cylinder types and sizes, as well as padlocks. They often need locks which work both inside and outdoors. For this reason, many manufacturing plants retain traditional mechanical locking solutions — sacrificing the added control which an electronic solution brings.

The right programmable key solution offers a flexible, powerful alternative. Key-based access control retains many advantages of mechanical security, notably the range of cylinders which manufacturing facilities need.

It supplements this with added convenience for users: Instead of wasting time looking for the right key, or carrying large bunches, a user’s electronic key is programmed to unlock every opening for which they have authorization — doors and cabinets, indoors or outside.

Headquartered in Germany, RheinfelsQuellen H. Hövelmann is a family-owned company with a long history. This beverage group has been run by the Hövelmann family since 1905 and is currently in its fourth generation. Its product range includes nationally distributed brands Sinalco, Aquintéll and Staatl. Fachingen, as well as others distributed within North Rhine-Westphalia such as Rheinfels Quelle, Römerwall, Burgwallbronn, Ardey Quelle, Urquell and Rheinperle.

A company like RheinfelsQuellen is always on the move: New divisions are established, employees relocate or processes change. Suppliers, contractors and the company’s own 650 personnel come and go. This means that access authorizations must change on a regular basis. At the same time, areas and locations to be protected require different security levels, and access control devices need reliable weather resistance in outdoor areas.

A single solution for manufacturing areas, offices and outdoors
For its Duisburg HQ and other locations around North Rhine–Westphalia, RheinfelsQuellen opted for an eCLIQ key-operated electronic access control system. In addition to administrative buildings, production facilities and outdoor areas are also secured with around 530 eCLIQ devices.

ASSA ABLOY’s eCLIQ is a fully electronic version of the CLIQ® programmable key access control solution. Cylinders offer a high level of protection against tampering and intelligent attacks. All eCLIQ keys are extremely robust, with a waterproof casing — and thus meet the high demands placed on outdoor access control by challenging environmental conditions.

This key-based access control system is managed by the CLIQ Web Manager (CWM), a flexible, easily scalable, cloud-based software. System data may be accessed at any time, and from any location, via the CWM interface. The software’s flexibility makes it especially suited to large access systems and/or for administering multiple locations which are geographically dispersed.

“We are very satisfied with eCLIQ and would choose this secure and flexible locking solution time and time again,” says Marcus Schlötels, Project Manager at RheinfelsQuellen H. Hövelmann.

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