Dahua draws a positive conclusion from the leading trade fair Security in Essen

October 14, 2022

At this year’s Security in Essen, Dahua Technology presented a wide range of different products and systems. In addition to security applications, traffic control and surveillance technology, the company also showed intelligent solutions for retail, smart energy applications and various interactive presentation systems. Highlights included a cooled high-end thermal imaging PTZ camera, the powerful Full Colour 2.0 cameras and the updated DSS Pro V8 video management software with many new functions and modules for managing very different projects.

Full Colour 2.0 technology

Dahua proved to be innovative not only in its products and solutions, but also in the interactive stand design, where fun was allowed to play a role. One example of this was the extremely dark “Dark Room”: visitors could experience the Full-Color 2.0 functions first-hand there as they groped for objects in complete darkness – while being observed by various camera systems with impressive colour display quality.

In the latest version of the TiOC 2.0 camera, many new innovative technologies are used for the first time, resulting in significant quality improvements in lighting, audio and image. The camera has AI functions, enables more convenient operation and a better user experience. In addition, TiOC 2.0 can be integrated into an existing alarm system via software upgrades.

Artificial intelligence

A theme that ran through the different solutions and application areas was artificial intelligence combined with deep learning. AI-powered solutions not only provide early and real-time alerts to help users respond to security risks in a timely manner, but also advanced analytics and statistical data for business operations.

AI WizMind offers comprehensive people-centric solutions such as intelligent detection, privacy protection, personal video metadata, people counting, stereo analysis, and more, enabling fast and accurate response. In addition, AI WizMind provides more precise and effective AI search for finding targets and various people-based data for business analytics. AI WizSense, on the other hand, focuses on the interaction of people and vehicles: everyone benefits from the intelligent functions and easy configuration of the comprehensively equipped products. AI WizSense can detect people and vehicles in an image with high accuracy, allowing users to focus on relevant “real” targets.

Intelligent traffic solutions

Dahua traffic solutions make the city smarter and traffic more relaxed. Intelligent traffic systems (ITS) focus on integrating computers, electronics, communication technologies and management strategies. They record violations, monitor traffic flow and control traffic signals. Thanks to AI, the cameras themselves can trigger a control function depending on the situation (example: if a car exceeds the speed limit, the next traffic light switches to red).

Products such as Dahua’s ITC431 AI camera for two-lane roads with vehicle detection up to a speed of 120 km/h are used. The PT9621 series combines a thermal imaging camera for surveillance in total darkness with an optical camera for close-up detail detection. For longer range traffic monitoring, the Dahua Radar series is suitable. The ITC952 camera offers functions such as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), ADR (accident data storage), vehicle metadata recognition and European country codes, traffic monitoring and traffic flow control.

Smart Energy and condition-based maintenance

Smart Energy is currently on everyone’s lips. Here, the interaction of various technologies such as 4K cameras and thermal imaging cameras ensures plant security and perimeter protection, e.g. in the oil and gas sector and in solar parks, as well as secure grid supply. This is complemented by end-to-end solutions including monitoring, access control and off-grid power supply. Regular inspections of production facilities with thermal imaging cameras protect against style states by detecting problems before they lead to failures – with permanently installed thermal imaging cameras and hand-held systems.

Smart Retail – Intelligence for the retail trade

The retail industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation in the face of rapid digitalisation. The Dahua Smart Retail solutions provide security and theft prevention for retail shops. At the same time, the system supports business operations with extensive video-based, intelligent business and analysis functions. Dahua retail solutions use the latest technologies to combat shoplifting, internal theft and checkout fraud. Business intelligence capabilities help reduce operating expenses, increase shop efficiency and boost profits by providing a direct correlation between visitor and transaction data. Thus, intelligent camera solutions with AI help retailers optimise their offer and generate more sales. Among the products exhibited at the fair were electronic labelling pads whose content (prices, descriptions) can be changed in a centrally controlled manner.


Making education a new experience is part of Dahua’s strategy to create a balance where technology and teaching complement each other perfectly. The star here is undoubtedly the DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard. Thanks to its touchscreen, it enables direct writing on the whiteboard and the wireless display of content directly from a computer, tablet or smartphone via WLAN.

Among the other products presented, an LED display wall, where individual panels can be exchanged during operation, was impressive. And while conventional networks only allow cabling of about 100 to 150 metres, up to 800 metres are possible with Dahua’s ePOE solution. Dahua also presented its proven handheld thermal imaging monoculars for outdoor use (hunting), indoor and outdoor use for early fire detection, rescue operations or law enforcement.

Conclusion and outlook

“The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, the way we live and work. Dahua’s solutions and products have a great impact on a wide variety of situations and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, this year we aim not only to develop our brand, but also to meet new customers and partners, while strengthening good relationships with existing customers. In terms of our products and solutions, we will present the latest developments and functions, and of course introduce new outstanding products,” explains Brant Liu, Managing Director of DAHUA Technology GmbH.

In the future, AIoT and the Digital Smart Platform will define the new dynamics for security products and solutions, with full visualisation, time, space and multi-spectral sensing, intelligent edge and cloud computing across the entire supply chain and for services. In doing so, they will drive digital transformation and innovation for cities and businesses, and contribute to the development of a more sustainable and higher value economy and society.

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