dormakaba: Practice partner in EU project for digital building management

September 14, 2023

dormakaba is the only practice partner participating in the openDBL (Digital Building Logbook) research project funded by the European Union (EU). A total of 13 partners from eight European countries are involved. The project, which has a budget of €4.5 million, aims to transform the way building data is managed and accessed by developing a new type of “digital logbook.” This groundbreaking initiative will streamline building maintenance, improve data accessibility and promote sustainable practices. The second working meeting of project participants will take place July 18-19, 2023, at dormakaba’s corporate headquarters in Ruemlang, Switzerland.

“We are delighted to be involved in the EU-funded openDBL project as an exclusive practice partner and to be able to hold the second working meeting at our company headquarters at the start of the project. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we will help pave the way for standardized approaches and the revolutionization of building operations,” says dormakaba project coordinator Kai Oberste-Ufer, Head of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Planning Tools & Configurators.

An open digital logbook for buildings

openDBL is a pioneering project with the goal of creating a comprehensive digital logbook for buildings. This digital logbook will serve as a central platform to store and manage different types of information, including construction details, maintenance records, and operational data, such as air quality. The logbook will be equipped with open interfaces through which different data sources can be connected, allowing remote access and updates in real time. By digitizing building data, openDBL aims to simplify supply chain workflows for architecture, engineering, construction and operations, and to improve building management in a sustainable way.

Expertise and solutions from the field

For the dormakaba Group, the German subsidiary is contributing practical experience and innovative solutions for digitalization in building management as a project partner. This includes the use of the EntriWorX EcoSystem in planned pilot tests, with which access solutions can be digitally planned, easily installed and operated. The EntriWorX EcoSystem combines smart sensor technology with comprehensive data analysis for user-friendly handling of door systems.

Europe-wide pilot tests

The openDBL project with its consortium of 13 partners from Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Spain is coordinated by the research and technology organization CETMA ( The partners are research institutes, local governments and IT companies. Pilot trials are being conducted in Ruvo di Puglia (Italy), Kifissia (Greece) and Mislata (Spain). These trials pave the way for standardized approaches and demonstrate the potential of openDBL in revolutionizing building management across Europe.

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