Mutlifunctional PIR II: motion detector and door alarm in one

For effective and at the same time humane care of dementia patients, a healthy balance between freedom and control is needed. With the dementia solution around D-POS, NEAT has been offering a reliable system here for years. Now there is a useful addition to this with the intelligent door alarm of the PIR II motion detector.

There are two different approaches to monitoring the natural freedom of movement of dementia patients: Person-related and door-related monitoring. For person-related monitoring of dementia patients, NEAT offers an extremely effective solution with D-POS and the associated SMILE ID radio transmitter. The persons being cared for have maximum freedom of movement within the areas accessible to them and at the same time enjoy the feeling of the greatest possible security. For door-related monitoring, in addition to the proven DOOR radio door alarm, there is now also the PIR II motion detector with intelligent door alarm.

The PIR II motion detector meets various requirements

The special feature of PIR II is its flexibility. For example, as a motion detector, PIR II can detect whether a stranger is present in a room or register inactivity of the person living there. In this way, bedridden persons who are active at night or have difficulty getting up can also be monitored.

PIR II also supports care of dementia patients with intelligent door alarm

Thanks to an integrated door sensor, PIR II is also suitable for monitoring doors, e.g. in the context of caring for dementia patients. PIR II can distinguish, for example, whether a person is actually leaving the room or simply opening and closing the door. In addition, the alarm can also be triggered with a time delay. Both staff and residents can then leave or enter the room within 15 seconds, for example, without triggering an alarm.

Essential element for combining humanity and efficiency

PIR II can thus be an essential key to successful care of dementia patients with as little stress as possible for everyone involved. The motion detector provides round-the-clock security and the door alarm with time-programmable entry and exit delay offers the greatest possible flexibility.

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