Assa Abloy – No more stress with knobs

November 16, 2022

There are many use cases in which a rotating knob proves its worth as an opening mechanism. However, in individual scenarios there are also risks that may lead to reconsidering its use. But what is the alternative?

No question, rotating knob cylinders are a practical thing. One touch and the door is locked or unlocked without having to insert a key into the cylinder. That’s why such solutions are used in sanitary rooms, for example, but also on exterior doors, in meeting rooms and on many other occasions.
Unfortunately, the knob also has its downsides. The protruding metal head can serve as a target for burglars. In public buildings, the knob is occasionally the target of vandalism. And sometimes there are simply accidents. In hospitals, for example, where hospital beds roll through corridors and doors – and occasionally get caught on the knob. Similar incidents are also known from workshops, where heavy rolling tool cabinets are rolled from one place of use to another, or from serving trolleys in hotels. If care is not taken, the knob is quickly worn out.

Challenges in replacing the knob
Where the knob works without problems, there is nothing wrong with its use. But if it is repeatedly damaged, an alternative solution must be found. First and foremost, locking solutions are needed that can be installed flush. Where nothing protrudes from the door leaf, there is no surface for attack – neither for burglars and vandals, nor for accidents with hospital beds, tool cabinets or similar rolling “knob killers”.
At the same time, the alternative to the knob should be similarly convenient to use, because there was a reason why a combination of lever or handle with a mechanical locking cylinder or an electronic locking solution had not been chosen from the outset.

Electronic locking solutions as an alternative
This is where eCLIQ products from ASSA ABLOY come in. They have numerous advantages that meet the requirements mentioned. For example, solutions are possible completely without protruding parts. Despite electronic locking cylinders, there is no extraordinary effort for installation and maintenance or key management. These products are a real alternative for numerous applications – for example, for hospitals and public facilities, for workshops as well as for historic buildings where appearance and building fabric require special consideration. Where risks arise for Knauf and how easily eCLIQ fits into these application scenarios, you can find out here in our video “Totally whacky – with CLIQ it’ll never happen again”.

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