Aritech Launches Dual Motion Detector Technology to Enhance False Alarm Detection

May 15, 2023

Aritech, a provider of security and life-safety solutions, introduced a new technology to its dual-motion detectors line with two major upgrades that address a challenge for users: false alarm detection.

Aritech is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, the global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

The first update transitions hardware that detects temperature fluctuations with a high degree of precision from analog to digital, reducing electrical interferences. The second breakthrough technology includes a code allowing the software to learn signals and adapt responses accordingly. Both technologies improve the signal quality for a false alarm immunity like never before. Aritech engineers tested the dual-motion detectors extensively to demonstrate reliability with a 99.5% success rate.

These two major improvements add to existing technology embedded in Aritech’s dual-motion detectors, including mirror optics with gliding focus to eliminate the effect of distance to a moving object, the range gated radar technology that clearly defines the borderline of the detection range to avoid false alarms from microwaves passing through walls, and protection against spraying, covering and device penetration.

“This new dual-motion sensors technology is ideal for retail and residential applications to protect the premises,” said Aurelie Boyer, Product Manager, Detection, EMEA, Aritech. “They can also be used in bigger installations, such as critical infrastructure to avoid liabilities, manufacturing to prevent burglary and correctional facilities to detect escapes at an early stage.”

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