DIGIEVER Unveils Latest Firmware Upgrade

April 3, 2024

Introducing Group Layouts Feature for Video Wall Station

DIGIEVER released the firmware version for the Video Wall Station VD UHD+ series. This latest upgrade introduces innovative features aimed at enhancing monitoring flexibility and user control.  With a steadfast focus on reliability, compatibility, and performance, DIGIEVER continues empowering users across various industries to achieve their surveillance objectives with confidence. 

Exceptional Monitoring Capabilities with the Video Wall Station VD UHD+ Series

The Linux-embedded Video Wall Station VD UHD+ series is an incredible monitoring system, that delivers exceptional monitoring capabilities, featuring superb 4K hardware decode and 4K local display.  With two HDMI outputs, users can experience a seamless PC-less solution, enjoying crystal-clear monitoring in 1920×1080 (Full HD) Display: 4K (8MP): 120 FPS, Full HD: 480 FPS, CIF: 1080 FPS.  Video Wall Station offers mirror display and dual display solutions, so users can effortlessly build video wall as a secondary control room to effectively safeguard their premises.  Video Wall Station has the seamless camera integration with DIGIEVER NVR that allows users to easily add cameras via NVR.  Therefore, users can playback up to 5 channels of NVR’s recorded videos simultaneously on Video Wall Station, export videos from up to 5 cameras to an external USB storage device and receive the event notifications during liveview from DIGIEVER NVR. 

Versatile Monitoring Plans with Group Layouts

With firmware version, users gain access to an advanced monitoring feature named Group Layouts. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to customize multiple layouts tailored to diverse monitoring requirements. Group layouts facilitates seamlessly switching between different areas or floors, significantly improving security efficiency for security personnel.    
The system now supports two main layout modes:
Default layout: Users can customize one display plan for default layout.
Group layout: Users can create up to 20 group layouts in dual display mode, enabling swift transitions between different monitoring areas. 
Group layout also features “Liveview setting” for system administrators. Administrator can remotely oversee comprehensive information for each group layout from a PC, including screen allocation for each layout, camera channel sequence on liveview and the ability to rename group layouts for easy recognition during monitoring. 

NVR Recording Icon Design

The Video Wall Station offers liveview and playback features when the cameras are added from DIGIEVER NVR.  With the release of the new firmware, Video Wall Station can show green recording icon on liveview to indicate that camera is in recording on NVR. This feature provides instant feedback to users on whether the NVR is in recording mode or not.    

Comprehensive Compatibility

With supports for the ONVIF protocol and generic RTSP/MJPEG, DIGIEVER Video Wall Station ensures compatibility with over 150 IP camera brands and more than 9000 models. This extensive compatibility ensures a seamless monitoring and management experience, allowing users to effortlessly integrate their preferred devices into the system.  

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