Door management: Locinox innovates with battery-powered high-tech code keypad

October 11, 2022

Major advances in battery technology have enabled Locinox to develop a wireless electronic access control solution. The brand new energy efficient Valentino is a code keypad that offers a lifetime of 150,000 opening and closing cycles with one set of lithium metal batteries.

Battery technology has evolved in recent years and this has also had an impact on Locinox. The Waregem-based pioneer has launched the Valentino, the first electronic access control solution that does not require an external power supply. “This has been on the cards for some time,” says commercial director Lieven Pieters. “Thanks to the latest developments in battery technology, there is finally a wireless solution that meets our strict quality requirements. These batteries are extremely durable and work perfectly even in adverse weather conditions.”

With just one set of six batteries, the Valentino has a lifespan of 150,000 opening and closing cycles before the low battery indicator lights up. The KTL-coated lock housing conceals the waterproof and vandal-proof battery compartment, withstands over a thousand hours of salt spray testing and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. “It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to add access control to their gates without having to run electrical wiring. For them, there is finally a wireless electronic solution.”

“Thanks to the lithium metal batteries, there is finally a wireless solution,
that meets our strict quality requirements.” (Lieven Pieters)

Infinite possibilities
The Valentino features a double-sided illuminated code entry field, supports codes for permanent opening as well as free-exit, pushbar and code-controlled handles. After a simple installation, up to 100 different access codes can be set up just as easily. A button overrides the codes and allows access to programming mode. “With these options, the Valentino can provide solutions for public buildings without the need for maintenance,” says Pieters.
The maintenance-free Valentino mechanism is made of extremely durable stainless steel components. The infinite adjustability of the latches by 20 mm allows for a perfect engagement / locking of the mechanism.

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