EuroShop: QUAD GmbH presented Vivotek video and sensor solutions.

March 8, 2023

QUAD GmbH Distribution & Consulting from Lippstadt presented camera solutions from Vivotek for the first time at EuroShop 2023. For over 25 years, Quad has been a B2B distributor of solutions for cash register and barcode systems.

The Taiwanese video manufacturer Vivotek offers camera solutions for the retail trade and AI-supported software for the individual evaluation of data, for applications such as heat maps or visitor counts, but also data protection-compliant documentation of processes and personal recordings.

Video surveillance against theft and for the right overview

Robust security and surveillance systems are important components of a retail shop’s infrastructure. Protecting inventory investments and maintaining low loss rates are critical to long-term business success. A range of surveillance technologies should be deployed to monitor in-store activity.

Entrance: The entrance is the busiest and most frequented area of a shop. Therefore, retail businesses need to capture crystal clear footage of all customers entering and leaving their shop. However, surveillance solutions used in the entrance area of shops often have to cope with strong sunlight, which can affect video quality.

WDR Pro: Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology extends image visibility in high-contrast lighting conditions and improves object identification at the shop entrance.

Shop floor: Shoplifting often occurs in the blind spots of security cameras. The use of numerous cameras to monitor every blind spot is costly and no longer corresponds to modern, design-oriented shopfitting concepts. At worst, it can even worsen the customer’s shopping experience.

Data analysis for better business results

Business intelligence and store management are key factors in the growth of a retail business. By analysing in-store data and providing customer analytics, it helps businesses to fully realise their potential for successful retailing. This enables retailers to respond proactively and quickly to customers’ needs.

In-store: Accurate data on customer flows and traffic is key to evaluating sales performance and optimising operational strategy.

3D People Counting: People counting analytics to better manage your retail business. This results in 98% accuracy, the ability to filter out shopping trolleys, children and prams. Organisationally, a U-turn detection function can prevent double counting. And shadows, reflections or glare do not interfere with data collection.

Cloud technology: Likewise, VIVOCloud Retail offers cross-branch count reports in the cloud. This includes stereo people counting reports, data storage for up to two years (if legally permitted), web and app access is supported and analytics performance can be used over the long term.

Shop space: When customers linger longer than normal in an area with high-value merchandise or a group of customers crowds an area, sales staff can either approach customers and optimise the sales process, improving customer service or, in the negative case, prevent shoplifting.

The product used is Smart 360 VCA. The integrated deep-learning-based video analytics detects and alerts shop staff when customers linger in an area for longer than a certain time. Available free of charge for 12MP fisheye camera models: FE9191 and FE9391-EV.

Checkout system / checkout area as a sensitive security area

At the checkout, disputes sometimes arise between customers and cashiers, as well as fraud – by staff or customers. HD video surveillance and other integrated features can identify these specific issues and provide evidence for later investigation.

The POS integration is realised VAST 2/NVR POS (Point-of-Sale) integration. This is real-time POS monitoring with transaction details to prevent loss of assets and property and reduce retail shrinkage.

Back-office management for smooth security management

Whether security managers are located at corporate headquarters or in a local shop, managers must be able to monitor, analyse and respond to potential security issues or customer needs in real time. To do this, solutions must exist that are specifically tailored to the needs of managers. This will allow them to make better, data-driven decisions and to personalise branch support and customer service.

The following solutions are important for this area: With VAST 2 CMS, branch managers can centrally manage several branch cameras directly from their workplace. With VIVOCloud monitoring, security management is possible at the head office and in the branches on site, with mobile 24/7 monitoring app in real time also on the phone and all important tasks to manage, analyse and react can be fulfilled.

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