EuroShop: Sensormatic Solutions redefine storefront visibility

March 8, 2023

AI-powered multi-sensor technology and analytics from Johnson Controls’ next-generation Sensormatic Solutions redefine storefront visibility

  • Sensormatic Solutions to showcase updated storefront visibility solution at EuroShop 2023
  • System’s combination of smart sensors and AI capabilities enables frictionless shopping and promotes a safe environment
  • Brand’s technologies and analytics solutions deliver unprecedented predictive and prescriptive performance to drive customer satisfaction

Sensormatic Solutions supports retailers with an enhanced and integrated storefront visibility solution. The company’s next-generation AI-powered multi-sensor technologies and analytics are built on advanced data collection techniques, hardware and analytical tools to provide retailers with a comprehensive, real-time, data-driven view of the storefront to enable better customer experiences and operational excellence.
“The storefront is a critical point when it comes to understanding shopper activity and delivering a world-class experience,” said Ned McCauley, Head of Global Portfolio Storefront Visibility at Sensormatic Solutions. “Storefront Visibility solution combines advanced sensors with AI technology to provide context and clarity on events that were previously invisible. This net new data empowers retailers to improve inventory accuracy, align staff with shopper counts, and identify and respond more quickly to areas vulnerable to shoplifting.”
Retailers can use Sensormatic Solutions’ Storefront Visibility solution, on display at EuroShop 2023, alongside existing asset protection and retail analytics systems. The offering provides a trusted data source with the following features:

  • Optimising staff deployment: Aligning staff with in-store traffic to promote customer loyalty.
  • Reducing shortages: Understanding what, when and how much is stolen to quickly replenish missing items at the sales floor.
  • Strengthening loss prevention investigative efforts: integrating video systems for forensic analysis and to build enhanced evidence packages.

“Data has always been at the heart of our storefront visibility offering,” McCauley continued. “However, the new algorithms we’ve built into the intelligent operating system, coupled with our powerful sensors and sophisticated RFID tagging programs, provide more valuable predictive insights than has ever been possible before.”

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