EuroShop: Sensortek – Smart Entrance Manager – a system for counting people

March 7, 2023

The Smart Entrance Manager (SEM) is a product family in the form of a modular system designed for a range of applications for counting people at entry and exit areas in public spaces. The entry-level SEM Basic package includes all plug-and- play modules required for counting people at a combined entrance and exit door. With the modular system, the concept can be expanded to two or more doors on request.

In parallel, there is another product family based on the same sensor time-of-flight 3D technology for security-monitored areas called OnlyOne Systems (OOS). This solution combines the following three plug-and-play modules for secure access control, with the focus on singling out and directional recognition of people. It is primarily implemented in the following three main applications: for cell separation (OnlyOne SSE = Secure Separation) and the revolving carousel door (OnlyOne SCO = Fast Separation), each for separating persons, as well as the one-way interlock (OnlyOne SDI = Direction Indication) in the form of direction recognition. In all 3 cases, the system also checks whether the monitored space (cell, etc.) is free. Indication) in Form der Richtungserkennung. In allen 3 Fällen wird auch geprüft, ob der zu überwachende Raum (Zelle etc.) frei ist.

The Smart Entrance Manager (SEM) with the entry-level package SEM Basic and its expansion options allow the following applications for classic people counting.

Overview SEM:

  • The Smart Entrance Manager is a modular system designed for a range of applications based on a robust IR 3D-TOF sensor for counting people
  • Evidence of compliance with regulatory requirements can be maintained by storing count data on a SD card – 100% compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive
  • Plug-and-Play construction kit, easy installation within the shortest possible time
  • Can be combined with all common door controls; when the maximum number of persons is reached, the door is locked to prevent further access from the outside
  • Easy setting of the maximum number of persons, count data archiving and sensor mounting height via the PLC touch panel
  • Different display concepts for visual and, if necessary, acoustic signaling of degree of facility utilization can be implemented – red/green LED strip, optional red/green traffic light, red/green information column, voice output with personalized announcement text available
  • Combination with several inputs/outputs, also possible over several floors
  • Use of dual sensors for monitoring large passage widths
  • App with remote control functionality, with existing connection to SEM network (via WLAN), optionally available

The SEM knows how many people are in a room or facility

Due to an individual customer request or in compliance with legal regulations, an exact count may be required for the respective areas of application in order to ensure that the maximum number of persons in certain spaces is not exceeded. The SEM systems from Sensotek meet these requirements.

But how can this be realized practically?

There are usually several inputs and outputs, and these are often not separated. An exact count carried out by humans is usually not feasible. This is precisely where Sensotek’s digital access control comes into play, using Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology for people counting. The system counts people passing through with directional assessment and is configurable for simple (one entrance and exit door) or more complex (multiple entrances and exits) people counting – depending on the requirements. The end customer can easily enter the sensor mounting height specified on site via the setup menu on the control unit, without any additional authorization query.

The system has an accuracy of approx. 99% for standard door widths and compliance with the recommended sensor mounting height of 2200 to 2500 mm for the ToF sensors. It is not affected by environmental influences, such as temperature and lighting conditions, as is the case with other commercially available people counting sensors.

Further possible applications after installation for pure people counting in markets, open-plan offices, museums, halls, event rooms, public halls (to name just a few examples), can be realized, with further connection to additional building control systems:

  • Planning of personnel requirements depending on the workload in order to reduce customer waiting times
  • Climate and lighting control depending on customer frequency
  • Immediate alarm when critical thresholds are exceeded
  • Display of the frequency of visits to the homepage to increase customer satisfaction

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