Frameless access barrier Winglock Swing from Boon Edam now available with enhanced functions and performance features

March 21, 2023

Boon Edam has added innovative features to its narrowest access barrier, Winglock Swing. The entrance solution now offers even more security and versatility for entrances with wider passage widths – without compromising on aesthetics.

With ever larger buildings and growing visitor flows, crowd control is becoming increasingly important. The Winglock Swing access barrier is the ideal entrance solution when safe access with a large passage width is required, for example for bulky goods or groups of people. Made of high-quality stainless steel and a continuous glass pane, the original Winglock Swing access barrier is extremely elegant and user-friendly. Thanks to its simple design, it blends seamlessly into any environment. The latest functional extension now offers even more possibilities than the classic version.


  • Extended range of dimensions – higher glass panels and more options, such as widened passageway/double barrier.
  • Higher fencing line to complement Speedlanes with tall glass panels
  • Wider passageway for larger groups of people or bulky items
  • New synchronisation for injury prevention that does not require sensors
  • Complies with safety standard EN 17352
  • Compatible with BoonTouch control panel in single and double leaf versions
  • Improved, redesigned motor to support safety compliance and increased glass weight

“This product enhancement is a direct response to requests from our customers for a wider range of dimensions for entrances with larger passage widths. We have made remarkable progress with these new, improved functions and features – and we intend to continue this trend,” says Amine Bouchareb, product manager of Boon Edam’s security barrier portfolio.

Simple elegance

A well-designed security entrance must offer both – high functionality and security as well as good looks and high usability. The Winglock Swing gives users a sense of security. However, it can be fine-tuned to better match the overall design aesthetics of buildings and facilities. Design elements such as the LED lights for intuitive user guidance and its ergonomic design provide a state-of-the-art security entrance with a small footprint. In combination with Boon Edam’s Lifeline Speedlane series, which is often used by specifiers, it is the best choice for locations where space is limited.


The revised Winglock Swing now has software-controlled synchronisation of the glass pane movement. This ensures Boon Edam that one pane is already closed before the other reaches its closing position. This timed, transitionless movement prevents jamming and enables the detection of a door blockage even with the standard barrier leaf. In addition, the speed curve of the Winglock Swing has been better tuned to ensure an impact force of less than 400 N. The two new features are required by the EN 17352 safety standard to ensure the safest possible passage for all users.

High and wide

Boon Edam now offers a side barrier with high glass panels (up to 1800 mm high) or also in a double glass version (with up to 1400 mm passage width). It should be noted that a version with high glass panes must also be configured as a double version in order to limit the impact force and thus maintain the high safety standard. These options allow a perfect match with the Lifeline Speedlane series sensor barriers, which are specified with higher or wider glass panes. This ensures a consistent high quality, minimalist design throughout the entrance solution.

“We are very proud of the size of the passageway that we have been able to develop with such a slim column in the smallest possible space,” says Amine Bouchareb. “And all this was achieved in line with the well-known Boon Edam design philosophy of ‘premium minimalism’.”

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