Genetec launches new version of Security Centre

December 6, 2023

New version with enhanced card capabilities, optimised authentication and automation features

Genetec Inc, a technology provider for unified security management, public safety and business intelligence, today announced a new version of Security Center, its leading platform for unified security. With this release, Genetec enters a new era by switching to Continuous Delivery. Software updates are provided continuously, enabling short development cycles. Customers can use the platform’s latest functions and updates immediately.

“The security landscape is changing rapidly. This requires correspondingly fast innovations. With continuous delivery, new functions and security updates are more consistent and are available to our customers with fewer interruptions. At the same time, we can continue to drive our innovation strategy at a rapid pace,” says Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering and Chief Security Officer at Genetec Inc.

New functionalities for Genetec Security Centre

Optimised map functions: The latest version of Genetec Security Center offers a map widget for dashboards and improved zoom behaviour. The latter allows for smoother use, especially for large city-wide or multi-site deployments. With the new map widgets, users can create small-scale surveillance tasks in their dashboards. They can drag cameras (or other objects) from the maps into empty tiles to view video or search for specific objects of interest. With the improved zoom function, layers are now shown or hidden depending on how much the user zooms in or out of the map. This means that the user only sees what is important at the current zoom level – without visual overload. When zooming out, for example, doors and break-in areas can be hidden so that operators can concentrate on cameras and devices for automatic number plate recognition from a bird’s eye view. The hidden features are visible again when the operators zoom in to the level of the individual buildings.

Enhanced authentication: Improvements in the area of authentication include a new configuration wizard that guides users through the set-up process. Also new is a troubleshooting window to help identify and diagnose problems and a test window to check that everything is working properly before implementation. All of this helps to simplify an otherwise complicated system configuration and reduce procedural uncertainties, allowing system integrators to get the solution up and running faster.

Achieving new levels of efficiency: With the move to continuous deployment, the latest version of Security Centre lays the foundation for further platform features that will greatly simplify system configuration, management and auditing. These will both simplify daily routine tasks and support the management of large, complex systems. They are expected to be launched in the new year and will enable enhanced workflow activities. This will allow users to concentrate on more complex tasks.

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