Genetec releases Security Center 5.11

September 11, 2022

Genetec, the leading technology provider for unified security management, public safety and business intelligence, is now offering the latest version 5.11 of its unified security platform, Security Center. This gives customers full access to every core Security Center module from the start, including Omnicast™ (video surveillance), Synergis™ (access control), AutoVu™ (automatic number plate recognition), Sipelia™ (intercom) and intrusion detection.

“With Security Center 5.11, both our existing and new customers can benefit from all the advantages of a unified security system. Simplified licensing removes potential barriers to entry for companies looking to get the most out of their security system and move to a unified system,” said Christian Morin, vice president of product engineering and chief security officer at Genetec.
In addition to a simplified path to unified physical security, Security Center 5.11 also offers a standard broad portfolio of powerful features such as the KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector (automatic anonymisation, people counting, security video analytics and camera integrity), visitor management capabilities, advanced overview mapping tools, threat level management and more.

New Genetec Web App
The new version of Security Center also allows, for the first time, the use of a map-based, portable and intuitive web app on any computer / device with a common browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge). This allows you to monitor facilities across sites, respond to incidents quickly and in real time, guide teams in an emergency using pre-defined processes, promote multi-site collaboration and manage ID cardholder access permissions – all from anywhere, at any time.

One security system for all employees
The new Genetec web app extends enterprise security beyond the SOC (Security Operations Centre), allowing users outside of security teams to interact with the security platform based on their role and task. This allows security officers to remotely manage off-site locations or allow visitors remote access to specific areas. With the help of the intuitive, functional and web-based interface, users can take advantage of functions that go far beyond mere security monitoring.

Simple reporting
The Genetec Web App also helps security managers investigate incidents or events about which very little is known other than where and when they occurred. The system helps users create reports that focus on specific types of events or incidents that occurred over a period of time.

Simplified path to the cloud
Security Center 5.11 is compatible with the upcoming Streamvault Edge™, a hybrid cloud option ideal for businesses with multiple locations. This includes banks, retailers or businesses with remote or unmanned locations. Streamvault Edge simplifies the migration of existing security equipment to a hybrid cloud architecture in these cases. It makes surveillance cameras cloud-ready, allowing them to store their data locally and securely on cloud-based appliances without the need for advanced on-site IT skills.

More information on Security Center 5.11 is available at

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