Market launch of PKE’s new video search software VLS xVision

May 2, 2023

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, PKE will release the new search software VLS xVision.

VLS xVision is a completely new development from PKE and replaces the previous version VLS Location Studio. PKE’s developers succeeded in programming a high-performance tool that smoothly processes the large amounts of data from high-resolution camera systems and displays them on the user interface in high image quality. During the development of the software, the increase in data volumes due to the higher resolution of future camera models was already taken into account. This makes VLS xVision future-proof, even in the long term.

Thanks to the improved, intuitive usability of VLS xVision, even fewer mouse clicks now lead to the result in video-based research. In addition, numerous wishes and suggestions from experienced users on the customer side have been implemented in the new software.

The result of optimal, intuitive usability, innovation and high data processing speed is an application that enables even more effective and faster searches.

The key features of VLS xVision at a glance

  • Improved usability
  • Increased performance
  • More effective and faster research
  • Individually configurable user interfaces & viewers
  • Future-proof
  • Modern graphics & user interface
  • Over 500,000 m² of logistics space already equipped with PKE’s BLE tracking technology
  • BLE locationRadio scanner locationTag app

For over 20 years, the innovative minds at PKE have been using VLS to ensure greater transparency, security and efficiency for their globally active customers in the logistics industry.

Scanner with PKE Tag App

The driving force behind this has always been a pioneering spirit as well as the willingness to go new ways off the beaten track and the ability to recognise new technologies for solutions in logistics and to integrate and further develop them accordingly with a lot of know-how. As early as 1999, the company successfully introduced the first scanner-based tracking system based on active RFID in the logistics sector.

Seven years later, the same team was the first to use UWB (ultra-wide band) tracking in the logistics environment with great success.

In 2018, the VLS team once again demonstrated foresight and sensitivity to market needs and introduced BLE tracking for scanners and other devices in the logistics industry as a new technology.

With BLE tracking, not only was an industry-ready tracking system established for the third time in a row with a considerable technological and competitive edge, but industry standards were also set each time thanks to the innovative strength. The fact that other suppliers are now also using this technology with a time lag shows that PKE has repeatedly set the right course in terms of innovation.

Since its introduction four years ago, more than 500,000 m² of logistics space has now been equipped with BLE tracking by PKE. This corresponds to approximately twice the area of the playing fields of all 1st and 2nd division football clubs in Germany.

Udo Rieger, Sales Manager at PKE and originator of the idea of locating scanners in real time in the dynamic logistics environment, knows that it was not only his team’s determination and daring that led to the success of VLS: “It is probably in the nature of things that establishing innovative systems and solutions is always a challenge. It helps if you can win over customers who are open to new things and can and want to follow the path towards future-proof and unusual solutions. As early adopters, these customers have of course always been the first to benefit from new technologies. It is particularly interesting and gratifying to see how our innovations then – albeit with a delay – become system standard throughout the industry and gain recognition.”

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