Motorola Solutions offers responders new safety-critical applications and innovations

November 21, 2022

Integrated communications solutions can optimise responders’ work practices and workflows and make a lasting difference to safety in the field

At PMRExpo 2022, November 22-24, 2022 in Cologne, Germany, Motorola Solutions will demonstrate how its total integrated portfolio of safety-critical communications solutions helps public safety authorities and organisations (BOS), as well as companies in mission-critical environments, provide their responders with the information they need to make better and safer decisions.

Highlights of the PMRExpo show include the first mobile safety-critical software solution based on Apple CarPlay, which gives responders the ability to access and process mission-specific data from within their cars through a single, intuitive interface. The new solution is already being used by more than 6,000 Western Australia Police officers, who coordinate around 84,000 calls for service each month via the new app.

The new software solution is part of Motorola Solutions’ comprehensive and fully integrated portfolio of TETRA and advanced broadband solutions, bodycams and video security solutions, software applications and cyber security and managed services.

“With our innovative strength, we help first responders to simplify and optimise their work in frontline operations,” explains Axel Kukuk, Country Manager Germany at Motorola Solutions. “Our portfolio integrates terminals, video solutions and infrastructure, which are often seen separately, into one overall solution. This helps responders access data they need to make more effective decisions.”

PMRExpo News:

  • Digital Policing: PSCore, the new intelligent mobile application platform for security agencies, is the first of its kind in the world to work with Apple CarPlay. It integrates seamlessly with many security systems and simplifies officer workflows by providing access to critical data through a single, intuitive interface.
  • Seamless Broadband MCPTT and LMR: WAVE PTX is a push-to-talk service that connects teams across multiple devices, networks and technology. With Critical Connect, Motorola Solutions is showcasing a cloud-based communication solution that removes barriers between different communication networks and supports seamless voice and data communication across national and network boundaries. The aim is to decisively improve communication between authorities during large-scale operations or cross-border disasters.
  • TETRA and LTE devices: The MXP7000 is a portable all-in-one device for mission-critical communications. It combines TETRA and 4G LTE voice and data communications to improve situational awareness, safety and productivity of responders.
  • The versatile MXM7000 can transform any vehicle into a mobile broadband hotspot with its LTE connectivity. It extends connectivity and coverage by linking a range of communication devices.
  • Cyber Security: Motorola Solutions’ ActiveEye Managed Security Platform provides continuous visibility into security-related activity with automated notifications and reports. It is based on a flexible architecture that can evolve with modern IT systems.
  • Video security and access control: At PMRExpo, Motorola Solutions will present its scalable video portfolio. This includes the VB400 bodycam and video management solutions, the M500 in-car video system and the L5M (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) mobile ANPR system that maximises recognition and data capture. Also, the Openpath keyless entry solution, which provides reliable access control with intelligent video and intercom capabilities, cloud-based software and an open ecosystem.

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