New in the drone portfolio of Securiton Germany: IRIS 360 radar

May 22, 2024

Drone security specialist Securiton is expanding its sensor range in partnership with Robin Radar Systems to include a 360° 3D radar with exceptional height coverage.

Securiton Germany, the specialist for 3D object and perimeter protection on the ground and in the air (‘dome security’), announces its collaboration with Robin Radar Systems, the technology leader in radar tracking and classification of small objects. The partnership also opens up application possibilities in the civil environment and in the frequencies required for this in Germany.

The leading provider of intelligent security technology Securiton Deutschland is known for its award-winning, far-reaching and state-of-the-art drone detection and defence systems, which combine the world’s leading technology with innovative in-house developments to create a ‘big picture’ – for completely new functions and applications. The experts focus on local and global connectivity and a high level of integration capability.

SecuriDrone Radar IRIS 360 sets new standards

Securiton Germany has teamed up with a renowned partner and brought Robin Radar Systems from the Netherlands on board. Following extensive tests and validation phases, its IRIS 360 radar is now part of the SecuriDrone portfolio – a 3D drone radar developed specifically for drone detection and classification with 360° azimuth coverage and an immense height coverage of 60 degrees. It is able to measure not only the position of a drone but also its exact flight altitude. By integrating it into the SecuriDrone perimeter management system, its exact position is displayed live. In addition, the signal can be used to direct video cameras at the drone, which track it independently and automatically.

All-round protection, even against autonomous drones

Criminals sometimes use autonomous drones without radio transmission. Such an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is pre-programmed and flown completely autonomously. In order to detect and classify it, a 3D micro-Doppler sensor system is required. In these rare cases, the newly integrated radar closes a gap in the world of detection. In Germany, it can be used in civilian areas without special authorisation by using a special frequency band.

With its handy size and excellent detection range, it also complies with the military standard MIL-STD 810H. IRIS 360 is easy to transport and can be used immediately – even while travelling, for example for VIP protection, law enforcement or to secure a convoy.

Avoid false alarms

SecuriDrone Radar IRIS 360 has another plus to offer: The aforementioned micro-Doppler function provides the necessary confirmation that a target has rotor blades in order to classify it definitively and without any doubt as a drone. This prevents any confusion with other moving objects such as birds. The radar can also recognise and track hundreds of drones simultaneously. In conjunction with the ‘camera pan to mission’ function, it verifies the drone and a possible payload. With RF cyber technology or a jamming solution, it can even fend off an entire swarm of drones – double protection.

‘IRIS 360 can recognise and classify drones quickly and reliably. It is very easy to use. Moving and static targets and even multiple targets: They are all detected and classified,’ says Marijn Verbaant, military drone defence specialist at the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

SecuriDrone Radar IRIS 360 is now available from Securiton Germany. When combined with various other sensors in the SecuriDrone perimeter management system, for example video cameras or RF cyber, it creates one of the most reliable and multi-value drone security systems.

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