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March 4, 2024

Dallmeier presents PlanD version 1.3.0: 3D camera planning becomes even more efficient

Dallmeier, the video technology pioneer from Regensburg, Germany, presents the latest version of its 3D video planning tool PlanD 1.3.0. This version offers a number of important enhancements that make the planning of video security projects even more efficient. 
Video surveillance projects are becoming more and more complex, while at the same time the price pressure on installers and planners is increasing. With the 3D planning tool from Dallmeier, they have been able to intuitively and quickly carry out video planning for and, if desired, together with their end customers since mid-2023. With version 1.3.0, the Regensburg-based manufacturer is introducing significant new features. The most important of these include partial shading and the integration of a large number of 3D objects. In addition, a newly revised UX simplifies operation. For example, alignment and zooming can now be done intuitively directly in the camera view.

The main new features in detail:

  • Improved user experience (UX) with more intuitive controls and a redesigned graphical interface.
  • New shading system allows the height of obstacles to be taken into account when viewing the coverage area.
  • 3D objects: Drag and drop 3D objects such as people, vehicles, airplanes, trees and even casino tables to create realistic scenarios.
  • Advanced drawing features allow drawing bridges, canopies and much more.

For more information on how security professionals can use PlanD to plan and implement video security environments for their customers in a more effective and enjoyable way, visit:
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