Protected from unauthorised access – Spelsberg Wallbox enables access control via RFID, AutoCharge and Plug&Charge

April 3, 2023

With its new Spelsberg Wallbox Pure and Smart Pro, Spelsberg presents a sophisticated all-in-one solution for secure charging of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids at home. To reliably protect users from unauthorised access, access to the charging station can be easily restricted via app. To meet all customer requirements, Spelsberg offers several options for authorisation: via RFID chips, AutoCharge and Plug&Charge.

The Spelsberg Wallbox not only has an appealing design. It also convinces with smart technology, which shows its advantages in charging authorisation and thus ensures an all-round safe charging experience. The Spelsberg Wallbox allows access restrictions via RFID. Authorisations for vehicles can also be assigned via AutoCharge or Plug & Charge.

Avoid costs due to unauthorised access

By restricting access to their wallbox, operators protect themselves against unauthorised access by third parties and the associated costs. Charging via the wallbox is then only possible after authorisation. With the authorisation function, Spelsberg not only guarantees secure charging for private households – operators of several wallboxes, for example for apartment buildings, benefit from the feature in particular.

Spelsberg Wallbox authorisation via RFID

Chips are used for authorisation via RFID, which must be initially taught via the Spelsberg Wallbox App. Once authorised, users can use the RFID chips for the wallbox according to the key-lock principle. The charging process can be started as soon as the wallbox has been unlocked via the chip. Five RFID chips in the colours Polar or Graphite are already included in the scope of delivery of the Spelsberg Wallbox.

Automated authorisation thanks to AutoCharge and Plug&Charge

Authorisation is even more convenient and quicker when it is carried out via the vehicle itself. The Spelsberg Smart Pro wallbox offers two options for this: authorisation and charging take place automatically via AutoCharge and Plug&Charge as soon as the vehicle is connected to the charging station via the charging cable. Neither the app nor the authorisation chip are needed to start the process – communication takes place directly between the vehicle and the charging station.

The user easily assigns and manages the charging authorisations via the Spelsberg Wallbox App, which is available for download free of charge for both iOS and Android. The user-friendly application also allows the charging statistics of all authorised chips and vehicles to be viewed.

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