Radar-video fusion camera for best possible security in wide-area application scenarios

January 22, 2024

Axis Communications is combining radar and video functionality in one device for the first time with an innovative new camera in its product portfolio. AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar Video Fusion Camera offers state-of-the-art, deep learning-based object classification and is ideal for comprehensive, around-the-clock protection in wide-area application scenarios.
AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar Video Fusion Camera combines two powerful technologies for detecting and visualizing unauthorized access: radar and video. In the camera, Axis not only combines the possibilities of these two technologies, which complement and activate each other automatically and smartly depending on the lighting conditions.
The integration of the proven AXIS Object Analytics analysis function also makes it possible to localize and classify objects, such as running people or suspiciously slow passing vehicles. This precise object classification is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning as well as distance and speed measurement and reduces both the number of false alarms during operation and the total cost of ownership of the system.
Radar and video functions in one device
The camera is suitable for use in mission-critical systems, offers outstanding image quality and can detect objects independently of the field of view using the integrated radar function. The speed and movement patterns of these objects can be visualized directly in the application view in order to maintain a comprehensive overview even in extensive application scenarios. The radar function can also be used separately to control a stand-alone PTZ camera.

Precision and early detection

The radar also makes it possible to activate floodlights, IR or façade lighting only when required, which saves effort and energy costs. Installation, integration into existing security ecosystems and ongoing operation are particularly easy and cost-effective thanks to a single device to install, a single cable connection and a complementary license for Axis video management software.

  • The key features of AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar Video Fusion Camera at a glance:
  • Two powerful technologies combined in one device
  • Increased scene intelligence
  • Precise 24/7 detection

Integrated cyber security functions

“Protecting critical sites and valuable assets usually requires a high degree of accuracy and early detection of intruders. Today, this can no longer be achieved with a single technology, but requires a combination of different technologies and devices. AXIS Q1656-DLE is a weatherproof and powerful device designed to do just that. The system combines the scene intelligence of radar with the forensic value of video-based visualization,” explains Jochen Sauer, Architect & Engineering Manager at Axis Communications.
“This synergy enables early detection of unwanted activity, with lower total cost of ownership, lower lifecycle costs and reduced installation time. Security teams are optimally supported by the camera’s automated functions, only have to actively intervene in the event of real threats and can operate several cameras simultaneously – a huge efficiency gain for the security of buildings and facilities.”

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