SAG Pioneers NFC Tags for Your Advanced Use Case

May 2, 2023

In the path of digital transformation, besides RFID, NFC technology is picking up pace. Many businesses are seeking ways to stay relevant by using NFC transponders for better management and business intelligence. However, we often see inquiries coming with challenges such as small tagging space, extreme temperature or metal interference standing in the way to hinder the success of a use case. Understanding these pain points, SAG has an array of NFC tags and stickers to unleash the full potential of your application.

Get Inspired with Our RFID Product Solution
A typical passive RFID transponder consists of integrated chip (IC) and antenna to be overmolded, laminated or converted into different form factor. Hard tag, keyfob, wet/dry inlay, wristband, smart label and card are among our product portfolio to answer various RFID applications. Using a handheld or standalone reader, people can identify a tagged item via UID (Unique Identification Number) on the chip and capture the data stored inside. Therefore, RFID technology plays an important role for Big Data and the vaules it brings after further analysis.
On the other hand, NFC (Near Field Communication) technology gains more attention when people read/write NFC tags via their NFC-enabled phone. The wide adoption of NFC transponders facilitates use cases when speaking of IoT to connect things.

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