Security Essen – Booth 5D18: MorphoWave: The contactless 3D finger scanner

September 18, 2022

Since its founding, IDEMIA has made it its mission to unlock the world and make it more secure through its innovative identity technologies.

Hundreds of governments and thousands of companies in over 180 countries, including some of the world’s largest and most influential brands, trust the company with their mission-critical activities. The technologies they develop enable customers to authenticate and analyze identities for seamless access control, connectivity, identity, payments, public safety, and travel – at scale and with complete security.

This year at Security Essen,IDEMIA is showcasing the 3D contactless finger scanner.

MorphoWave is a biometric terminal for access control. The 3D finger scanner is able to scan and verify four fingerprints in less than one second by a quick, simple and completely non-contact hand movement. MorphoWave is highly accurate, fast, easy to use, hygienic and can be used indoors and outdoors without any restrictions.

The product is also fully DSGVO compliant and can operate in 2-factor authentication mode in combination with a cell phone (NFC or BLE) or RFID card. When used in conjunction with suitable singulation equipment, MorphoWave offers throughput of up to 60 users per minute. Through biometric algorithms, MorphoWave recognizes dry, wet or dirty fingers without problems. Depending on the device version, MorphoWave works with up to 100,000 users in 1:n verification mode without any loss of speed.


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