Security Essen – Booth 6E10: RWL-2-SL standalone door lock

September 18, 2022

The RWL-2-SL lock provides locally managed (offline), one-way standalone access control. The lock consists of two fittings with handles and is operated on an already installed mortise lock. The card reader is installed in the outer fitting, while the battery pack is installed in the inner fitting.
The handle on the inside can be permanently coupled with the latch so that the door can always be opened from the inside regardless of the battery level. The outside handle is separate from the latch bolt and is free to move. When access is granted, the electronic module couples the outside handle to the latchbolt to allow the door to open.
The RWL-2-SL lock can be optionally equipped with the door cylinder and can then be opened with the metal key if the mortise lock allows opening without a lever handle. Caption: RWL-2-SL-L: Free-standing door lock with fitting; left; normal or reversed bevel; RWL-2-SL-R: Free-standing door lock with protective escutcheon; right; normal or reversed bevel.


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