Security Essen – Booth 6E18: Perimeter security in logistics centers

September 18, 2022

The security requirements in the logistics industry are diverse and demand effective solutions. Losses can otherwise amount to millions of euros. The DAVANTIS company has many years of experience in the security management of large logistics centers worldwide, in the control of goods and means of transport, and in warehouses with high circulation of consumer goods and electronics.
DFUSION video analytics technology is highly accurate, filters out false alarms and optimizes operational and installation costs, making it an ideal tool for logistics centers.
This is how you increase precision and security in the logistics industry.

  • Identification of entrances, exits and dead ends Positioning of CCTV cameras in strategic areasCalibration of CCTV cameras with great accuracyIntegration of a video analytics system with deterrence features
  • Configuration of policies for people and vehicles entering and leaving buildingsIntegration with ARC, VMS and PSIM platforms for the ideal combination of resources for on-site security teams and personnel
  • Around-the-clock camera and image monitoring by surveillance personnel (at headquarters, on patrol, and in the field)

When designing security systems for logistics centers, several location criteria must be considered due to their characteristics:
First of all, these centers are usually spread out and dispersed (sometimes divided into multiple loading and unloading areas and numerous distributed warehouses), and with such a constant flow of people, a video analysis system is required to create customized rules to avoid false alarms.

In addition, these sites are often located on the outskirts of cities, along roads, ports or simply in poorly lit, large open areas.Security Essen – Booth 6E18: Perimeter Security in Logistics Centers

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