Security Essen – Booth 8A15: Advancis presents WinGuard X5

September 18, 2022

The first WinGuard based on the new Advancis Open Platform:

Advancis Software & Services GmbH, one of the international market leaders in the field of vendor-neutral threat management, presents at Security Essen, the new WinGuard version X5. For the first time, the major release is based on the new software platform AOP (Advancis Open Platform) and thus offers, among other things, more flexibility through open access for 3rd party applications.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions are used in many different industries, such as industry, finance and administration, data centers, correctional and forensic facilities, transportation and traffic, logistics or healthcare. Due to market trends such as increasing digitalization, data collection/
-analysis and the associated platform economy, new solutions and technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Internet of Things (IoT) must also be taken into account. After all, the amount of actuators and sensors is constantly increasing.

Advancis has recognized that also WinGuard has to support this growth – both in terms of new functions and interfaces as well as speed and complexity of development. To be even better equipped for all these requirements, Advancis decided already in 2019 to start the development of a fundamentally new open architecture platform called Advancis Open Platform (AOP). Once completed, AOP now forms the basis for the new WinGuard version X5.

“AOP is strategically by far the most transformative product development in Advancis corporate history. This milestone paves the way for growth and expansion by creating an open platform that offers almost unlimited possibilities”, Jan Meiswinkel, Managing Director of Advancis, explains the fundamental innovation. “At Security, we will present the new WinGuard version X5, which is based on this innovative AOP substructure,” Meiswinkel adds.

“WinGuard – developed in the beginning as a solution for concrete use cases – has undergone a transformation over the years. An increasing number of projects with more and more specific and partly very individual requirements has led to solutions being implemented more and more generically”, explains Hartmut Nöll, also Managing Director of Advancis, and adds: “With the Advancis Open Platform we now take this path one step further and enable the user himself to extend the software with his own functionalities, interfaces and individual UI components based on the existing concepts; all this based on a modern API, which in principle can be used with any programming language. There are almost no limits to the use of your own components. We are very excited about the solutions of the surely fast growing developer community around AOP.”

Interested visitors can get to know the advantages of the vendor-neutral hazard management platform WinGuard X5 in a real control center environment at the Advancis booth (hall 8, booth 8A15). In addition, Advancis will present two completely new software products, AIM and Minder: Advanced Identity Manager (short “AIM”) is a platform for consolidating existing access control and IT systems through centralized identity management. With the Minder software-as-a-service solution, companies can minimize their operational risk by comprehensively protecting people and property.

Advancis partners Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, Erich Keller, AG Neovo and VuWall will also be represented at the booth with their solutions. Numerous operator stations are available on the stand area of over 100 m². With two large and state-of-the-art video walls from AG Neovo/VuWall as well as the intelligent mission control system technologies from Hexagon and the professional control center desks from Erich Keller AG, a true-to-life control center environment will be created. At the Advancis booth, visitors can experience the technical innovations as well as the extensive operating comfort offered by an optimally equipped control room.

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