Security Essen – Booth 6E18: Perimeter security in the logistics sector

September 19, 2022

FORTEZA World, as the representative in Germany, is one of the leading companies in its sector, whose focus is on the development, manufacture and distribution of products and systems in the field of perimeter surveillance of buildings and perimeter security.
Forteza World presents microwave sensors based on FMWC radar and modernised software with Bluetooth.
Bistatic microwave sensors are used to detect an intruder in secured objects: Industrial plants, airports, prisons, power plants, etc.  The operating principle is based on the generation of an invisible detection field between the transmitter and receiver. When this field is crossed, changes in the signal level occur at the receiver and an alarm is triggered.

The sensors are designed to be easy to install and configure. The unique signal processing technology helps to increase the probability of detection while minimising the false alarm rate. Therefore, the sensors are insensitive to rain, snow, fog, lightning, solar radiation, electromagnetic fields (up to 500 kW), small animals and low vegetation.
In addition, there are also these novelties:
• Perimeter protection with radar sensors FORTEZA system
• Perimeter monitoring of buildings with radar sensor technology
• Hidden radar sensor (HRS) system in luminaires
• Energy-autonomous radar protection systems for rapid deployment FORTEZA 1000
• Wall crown protection and monitoring system

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