Smart technology for sectional garage doors from Novoferm

April 24, 2023

Convenient door control by voice command / Even easier integration into existing SmartHome systems.

SmartHome makes life easier, more convenient and safer. These are precisely the advantages that also characterise smart garage doors. With new technology, Novoferm sectional garage doors are now even more fit for common smart home systems and for convenient operation via voice control. In concrete terms, this means that you can check whether the door is closed at any time, even from a distance.

Controlling garage doors simply by app
With the Homematic IP and Delta Dore apps, Novoferm sectional garage doors can already be controlled via smartphone. The new Novoferm WiFi module now opens up further possibilities – especially for voice control and even easier integration of the door into existing smart home systems. The module is connected to the garage door operator via a mini-USB interface and thus establishes the wireless connection between the smart home system and the door operator. This creates the conditions for using Amazon Alexa, Google Home and mediola for the door control in no time at all. The WiFi module will be available in the second quarter of 2023.

“Alexa, open my sectional door”
With the smartphone app Amazon Alexa, sectional garage doors from Novoferm can now also be easily operated by voice control. Intuitive door control by voice assistant is now also possible via the Google Home app. With both apps, a voice command is sufficient to open and close the door or to smartly control functions such as the automatic door status query or the operator lighting.

Practical all-in-one solution with mediola
As a partner of mediola, Novoferm is part of one of the most diverse cross-brand smart home platforms in Europe. Via mediola’s open smart home solution, Novoferm door operators can be connected to other smart devices, regardless of manufacturer and radio technology, and thus expanded into a fully networked smart home. The integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Home is also possible. Operation takes place centrally via app or voice control and ensures maximum flexibility through time and location-independent control.
To benefit from the numerous smart advantages of the All-in-One solution from mediola, all that is required is the Novoferm WiFi module, a standard router and the mediola All-in-One gateway. The integration of Novoferm door operators into mediola solutions will be possible in the second quarter of 2023.

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