Teledyne FLIR thermal cameras provide ‘6th sense’ in law enforcement

September 22, 2023

Teledyne FLIR, a global leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras and sensors, is helping the law enforcement segment to activate its ‘6th sense’ via the use of innovative technology that ensures officers can protect and serve with greater intelligence. Solutions such as the FLIR Breach® PTQ136 and FLIR Scion® PTM high-performance monoculars are ‘battle-proven’ to withstand the rigours of law enforcement while delivering superior thermal surveillance.

Police officers, military personnel and lifeguards/marine professionals are just some of those who can take advantage of Teledyne FLIR’s ‘6th sense’ to deliver a more effective and efficient outcome. While spotlights and flashlights are essential assets that remain in mandatory use, many unpredictable situations in modern law enforcement call for a far stealthier strategy, one that leverages the benefits of high-definition thermal optics and low light imaging. Handheld monocular scopes from Teledyne FLIR help users locate suspects lurking in the shadows from a safe stand-off position and find evidence that otherwise could remain undetected.

Thermal imaging optics produce images based on heat energy, or infrared radiation, instead of visible light. Invisible to the naked eye, all humans, animals and objects emit infrared radiation, permitting thermal sensors to function in total darkness, through glaring light, and where there is smoke, fog or vegetation.

A case in point is the FLIR Breach PTQ136 multifunctional thermal imaging monocular. Featuring the company’s innovative Boson core, alongside a high-definition display and compact design, the FLIR Breach delivers unrivalled tactical awareness. Weighing just 210g, users can conceal the FLIR Breach in a pocket or mount it to a helmet (via its mini-rail feature) for hands-free operation. Further attributes include on-board recording and seven palettes for perfect viewing and the rapid detection of suspects, victims or evidence at a range of up to 360m, day or night. Users can also document operations with on-board video recording and image capture.

Another popular and proven solution is the FLIR Scion PTM, which packs high-performance thermal imaging compatibility into a rugged, IP67-rated handheld monocular. The Scion PTM can instantly stream encrypted thermal video footage of any pursuit, evidence recovery, or search and rescue effort to the command centre via a wireless network. A smooth 60 Hz refresh rate and picture-in-picture zoom capture tiny details from distances up to 1420m and maintain peripheral awareness for constant thermal supervision of suspects, team members and standbys.

Ultimately, Teledyne FLIR’s compact, handheld thermal monoculars quickly detect people and objects of interest to boost situational awareness while on foot or in a vehicle. As a result, users can scan urban environments, fields and forests without revealing their position. This innovative thermal imaging technology empowers first responders such as police officers, military personnel and lifeguards with a 6th sense that is absolutely vital, because when the unthinkable happens, everyone relies on fast decisions and rapid action.

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