Wanzl offers an all-round package with Complete Access Control

April 24, 2023

“Complete Access Control – anytime, anywhere” – under this motto, Wanzl invited visitors to BAU in Munich. The company presented three different areas: Inventory Protection, Fitness and Facility Management. The access control solutions are defined by a multitude of areas of use and application possibilities. The focus was on the Galaxy Gate 1.1 access gate in combination with metal detectors from CEIA and a hardware detection unit from Logivations for theft protection.

Inventory Protection – Secure detection of anything

To protect against access by unauthorised persons, the carrying of unauthorised items and theft of material or goods, security is often a top priority at entrance and exit points on company premises. However, employees and visitors alike should always be made to feel welcome and not like they are being scrutinised. The unique product combination of Wanzl access systems and CEIA metal detectors together with Logivations software can guarantee this. The reliable Galaxy Gate 1.1 access control system combines convenience and functionality with the highest level of security. After the authorised clearance signal, e.g. by means of an RFID scanner, barcode or QR code reader, the gate opens its ESG swivel arms and ceiling sensors additionally scan people flows and behavioural patterns and monitor that the process is going smoothly.

The SMD601 Plus Profiling metal detectors from CEIA GmbH are used in combination with a hardware detection unit from Logivations GmbH to identify objects. The devices can be easily linked to the Wanzl Galaxy Gates 1.1 and can locate even the smallest concentration of metal on the body of the person entering the building or the security area through the access gates. When the person exits, if there is a difference in the previously recorded metal quantities, this is detected and located with a high degree of precision and a check can be carried out. The Galaxy Gate 1.1 also immediately shuts off the access point. An efficient new method for protecting against inventory differences.

Fitness – Work out anytime you want

24-hour access to the gym – a service that is becoming ever more attractive in the often very busy lives of working professionals. At BAU, Wanzl Access Solutions will demonstrate how this can be achieved without significantly higher personnel costs and shift models. With the Sirio turnstile, Wanzl offers an elegant access solution for entrance areas, which guarantees the highest level of access convenience and is particularly suitable for separating people. Approval via card reader, coin acceptor, control panel or ticketing system is possible depending on the studio operator’s individual requirements. As an optional extension, the Galaxy Port enables barrier-free access with ESG swivel arms. The access point opens in two directions either via a control panel or an RFID reader integrated in the glass dome.

The integrated sensor system detects which direction the toughened safety glass swivel arm needs to open in. Wanzl will also be presenting the V17 terminal as a reliable access control system at BAU. In combination with web-based control software, it impresses when used in applications such as autonomously operated toilet systems. Thanks to the web-based application, any number of access points can be managed independently of each other with just one V17 terminal. Thanks to their compact design and flexible usage options, the EasyGo turnstiles have proven themselves as a secure access system. Approval is possible via card reader, coin acceptor, control panel or ticketing system.

Facility Management – Smooth access anywhere

Office complexes, hospitals, banks and insurance companies –they all log a significant number of visitors every day. In addition to convenient and fast access to the building, the individual security aspects must also be taken into account. The elegant Galaxy Gate 1.1. access gate combines these requirements to the very last detail. It is easy to operate, absolutely reliable and can be stylishly adapted to the respective CI. The Galaxy Gates 1.1 are equipped with integrated, smart sensor technology. This sensor system detects if a person is attempting to gain unauthorised access. At BAU, Wanzl will be demonstrating how visitor management can be controlled easily and autonomously with the interactive V21 terminal. Persons registered in advance or ad hoc visitors can conveniently obtain their access authorisation here. There is a wide range of options available in terms of release units for authorised access, for example by means of barcodes, tickets or RFID cards. The Galaxy Gate 1.1 scans these and the software-monitored ESG swing arms powered by an electric motor open immediately, allowing the visitor to enter. This ensures smooth and secure access.

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