With full motor power: MACO is a full-range supplier and innovation leader in the door sector

November 8, 2022

With the A-TS, the M-TS and INSTINCT, MACO offers three highly flexible and excellent motorised door lock solutions for every need. MACO thus completes its door lock portfolio and rises not only to become a full-range supplier among door experts, but also an innovation leader. The reason: full motor power and a portfolio that offers many and modular production options with simple assembly using just a few cleverly matched components. On display in the Salzburg showroom: with just one locking part platform for all cylinder-operated locks as well as extensive accessories, MACO optimises production and reduces complexity for its fabricators.

M-TS, the fastest motor lock
With MACO’s M-TS motor lock, door manufacturers are setting new market standards and creating a lot of added value with little effort. It is the fastest in the industry and gives fabricators a clear competitive edge thanks to its sophisticated technology. The M-TS is easy to process and brings high added value with its diversity. It offers end customers unprecedented convenience in opening speed and options as well as sealing and security at their door.

Speed at the highest level
The M-TS opens the door in just 0.3 seconds. Why? It generates the contact pressure mechanically via MACO’s proven 3-latch technology, so the motor can concentrate on the essentials: locking and unlocking. The three latches pull the door leaf against the frame over the entire door height and ensure the automatic contact pressure before the motor extends and locks the three hooks. This ensures a perfect hold as well as a tight fit and makes the M-TS faster than conventional motor locks. Another plus point is that the motor is located on the main lock case and directly controls the locking hooks: short distances for fast reaction times. Good when residents are fully loaded or don’t want to stand in the rain.

Secure and tight locking
This clever technology not only perfects opening and closing in terms of speed. It shows new dimensions in ease of use, security and energy efficiency. As soon as the door is “seated”, the locking hooks and the locking bolt extend and lock automatically without having to re-lock. This puts an end to locking, the door is always securely and tightly locked. This keeps draughts and damp out and heat in.

Produce quickly and create advantages
The M-TS is also quicker and easier to process: it saves an additional milling in the door leaf. In addition, it can be processed with a standard cylinder. The advantage? The range can be kept small, because no free-wheeling cylinder is needed, as the motor is decoupled from the cylinder. The latter only rotates when the door is opened manually with the key – only a single turn of the key is required. Furthermore, the M-TS is characterised by the fact that it does not require any programming or configuration effort and that the release magnets can be mounted on the striker bars without tools.

The future of opening options
As securely as the M-TS locks, its opening can be designed in many different ways: with a code keypad, fingerprint, transponder or the INSTINCT smartphone app, it is easy to configure thanks to prefabricated plug & play combinations and is equipped for future living requirements. And of course it is smart-home compatible: the integrated lock monitoring can be integrated into commercially available systems and the door can be controlled while on the move.

Modular production
The M-TS is the addition to the MACO door lock portfolio. It shines with its ability to easily manufacture many modular lock solutions with just a few cleverly coordinated components. With just one locking part platform for all cylinder-operated locks as well as extensive accessories, MACO optimises production and reduces complexity for its fabricators.

A-TS automatic lock: VdS-certified and available without lever handle blockage
The A-TS locks automatically when the door is closed without the need to lock it. It can be locked from the inside with a turn of the key to prevent children or pets from wandering inadvertently. MACO also takes market-specific requirements into account: for example, as in the case of the German market, for which the A-TS is now also VdS-certified and available without a lever handle blockade, so that the entrance door in apartment buildings can be opened from the inside at any time. The extensive range of accessories also allows – easy to implement – many special variants for individual customer requirements – with Swiss round cylinder, with additional door limiter, optional motorised opening, day release and much more.
Z-TF – the classic with hook locking
MACO’s proven 3-latch lock with crank latch is now optimised with hook locking (MF-HO). Maximum contact pressure from the three multi-function latches in combination with two hooks that extend upwards complement smooth operation with maximum security and high burglary resistance – in favour of maximum convenience. The special feature of the MF-HO-based locking system is not only its high level of security, but also the fact that it allows for optional daily unlocking and only requires one electric strike instead of the previous three. This saves processing effort. The so-called MF-HO locking system is standard in the premium locks A-TS, the motor lock M-TS and the Z-TF.

Many secondary locks, one locking part platform
MACO has all secondary locking variants in its range, whether with hook (MF-HO), hook only, bolt only or the combination of hook and bolt: Whichever one processors decide on, they only need one locking part platform from MACO for all variants, which can be used for all cylinder-operated lock families. This optimises work processes and reduces complexity, because milling dimensions, screw and drilling patterns and box positions are uniform.

Fully automatic door lock assembly system
MACO also demonstrates its innovative spirit and technological competence in its door lock production. A 300 m² door lock assembly plant was commissioned in the in-house door lock factory with the aim of doubling capacity and increasing service. The customised fully automatic door assembly machine produces 150 locks per hour and 1,100 lock variants in short cycle times. Set-up times are significantly reduced and flexibility in model, lock and country adaptations for international demand is increased. This system is unique worldwide in high-end production and 100% quality testing: No door lock leaves the system without having passed the fully automatic quality test in the installation situation.

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